Commission (Hiring): Looking for an artist to hire for a tabletop game project

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    Hello everyone, for the last few years I have been developing a tabletop wargame set in a steampunk fantasy world populated by talking animals. I am looking for an illustrator to hire to draw its characters and game components (it is planned to use double sided 2D cutouts on bases instead of plastic miniatures) in the style I have already established (which can be seen in the attached pictures). I have attached some sketches of previous artworks I have received for the project and have links below for two google docs. One contains the main story and rules for the game, while the other is a set of negotiable terms that also describe what would be expected of an artist who decides to accept the project. It am open to discussing this over Skype (Zooty.Snowpaw aka Gadget Steamhoof) as well as Discord (Gadget Steamhoof#7840)

    (game rules + lore)
    (Terms and expected work)

    My budget per sketch is up to $35usd, depending on quality and capability. I am open to negotiating on the above chat platforms or through private messages (though text chat on discord/skype is preferred)

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    Hi, I'm interested in taking up your commission, I have worked on many different projects in a variety of styles.
    upload_2017-5-16_10-32-24.jpeg upload_2017-5-16_10-30-57.jpeg upload_2017-5-16_10-32-8.jpeg upload_2017-5-16_10-33-47.jpeg upload_2017-5-16_10-39-3.jpeg upload_2017-5-16_10-39-53.jpeg

    you can check out more of my work here: TheLivingShadow's DeviantArt Gallery

    and see my pricing here:

    If you're interested in hiring me let me know!

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  4. Zooty

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    I'll be keeping this open throughout the week, the best place to contact me is via skype or discord :)
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  6. M.Lock

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  7. I'd like to offer my services! Here's my website, which includes examples of my work. Fiction Factory

    I'd be willing to do the test at a somewhat discounted rate from what i'd normally be charging if i were to be hired ($10 an hour). I think i'd be able to replicate the style provided as well, as i believe my current cartoony style is fairly similar.

    You can note me here or contact me at
  8. Zooty

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    Thanks for the interest guys, I'll be keeping this thread open for at least another month, but do keep in mind I need someone who can match the existing style.
  9. Abel

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    Hello! i'd be willing to try out this project, everything on the terms is something I could manage.
    Here is an idea of my skill, and of course i'd put in the time to mimic the style.

    Art Examples:


    You can view my gallery for my examples;
    Artwork Gallery for Suraimu-yu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Thanks for your interest guys, unfortunately though I do require a rather specific style. I'm still keeping this thread open and searching
  11. kesterr

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    I'd be interested to work on your project. Usually I draw in a different style (see under the spoiler), but I did a sketch that more or less resembles the style you're looking for. Attaching both the sketch and lineart. If this doesn't count as a style test, please let me know and I'll draw another one for you free of charge.
    If you are interested, I'll contact you if you post a reply to my message in this thread or send me a note on FA (my nickname there is greisen). I have a Skype account, but I'd rather not share it in public.
    Unfortunately, I won't be able to start working until 2nd of June, but will be available on Skype until then

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    bump :)
  13. This project sounds really fun and I'm very interested. I know you're searching for a specific "look", but here are a couple examples from my gallery that may come a little close?
    I'm an animation/illustration student, so I'm quite capable of adjusting to others' styles. I have more recent examples on my instagram too: Marie Dal Porto (@tangerinevampire) • Instagram photos and videos
    And if you'd like to discuss further on Skype, I can be found on there under the same username "TangerineVampire"

    Thank you for your consideration!

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