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Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by elisebriar, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    Just as the title says, I barely watch anyone as of right now and I'd love to expand that list! I'm mainly looking for people with unique styles who post at least semi-regularly. I really don't care about skill level, whether beginner or professional, both is cool with me!

    It would be cool if you could link examples of your art in the comments so I could check out your style, and you have a deviantart, feel free to link that too~
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  2. Aila Anne

    Aila Anne New Member

    I draw things, and would love it if you'd check out my stuff.

    However, you could try searching through the favorites of everyone you follow. You can see the art that inspires them, and there will be a variety of different artists to check out.

    Have fun!
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  3. Akelza

    Akelza Guest

    I wish I could get into watching people a lot more but I find it odd or difficult to watch someone I don't know in person or a personal level.

    Meaning it's time to socialize! An ancient human ahem, I mean, furry technique.
  4. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    Your art is gorgeous, thanks for commenting!
    And thanks for the suggestion, I'll totally do that :)
  5. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    I totally get that feeling haha, and I'm trying to get over it by reaching outside of my social circle :p
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  6. Akelza

    Akelza Guest

    How is that going for you so far? I literally just joined here today a few hours ago and I'm completely blasted by internet culture shock.
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  7. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    It's been alright, I've had more luck on deviantart to be honest
    A lot of people on here are really intimidating and somewhat difficult to talk to
    But I've had a few months to adjust, I totally remember the culture shock of the first few weeks, so stay strong haha
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  8. Akelza

    Akelza Guest

    I do my best to be easy going and easy to talk to. I mean while people here have amazing skills, here I am just playing guitar and composing my own electronic rock songs on my iPod. Haha.
  9. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    That sounds like a chill time :)
    I'm just hanging out, making art and looking to make some furry friends.
  10. Akelza

    Akelza Guest

    Count me in on the furry friends thing. As for art. The only art I can do is making the album covers for my songs. That's about it.
  11. Andromedahl

    Andromedahl Unlicensed UFO Pilot

    Hi hi! I draw and try to post semi-regularly, I got a link to my FA in my signature below the post. I do have a DA account but I usually don't upload things to that until a couple weeks later so FA is my home of sorts :^>
  12. elisebriar

    elisebriar New Member

    Oh awesome! Your character is super cool :) Thanks for letting me know!
  13. Shadow-Wing456

    Shadow-Wing456 A leaf on the wind~

  14. junkyardprince

    junkyardprince laughs nervously

    i do the art, you can check me out if u want !
  15. MaikeruNezumi

    MaikeruNezumi Irritable street rat

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  16. YukineAlterma

    YukineAlterma Fox of Time

  17. dswgratm

    dswgratm Member

    I update regularly, I could always use some extra eyes :D

  18. Bidoyinn

    Bidoyinn Member

    I don't know if you'd want to watch me (my FA link is in my sig) but your style is nice so you've got a watch from me \o/
  19. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    Hello hello! I'm new to FA (and the furry community, tbh) so I'm looking for contacts myself! Your art's divine, consider yourself watched.

    Feel free to check out mine, it's in my sig <3
  20. Royn

    Royn Otterest Sergal evah!

    Too slow to keep up with and too fast to see clearly to be watched... Wheeeeeee
  21. sushy

    sushy Gundam Meister

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  22. narutogod123

    narutogod123 Void Mage

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  23. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    n1ghtmar3w0lf Member

  24. kireann

    kireann New Member

    hello~ I draw sometimes
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  25. pidge

    pidge Member

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