Looking for one or two more for MFF room (not at main hotel)

Discussion in 'Room & Ride Shares' started by kugetsu, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. kugetsu

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    Looking for two more furs to fill a room at the Marriott Suites right down the street from, the con (about a 10-15 minute walk) There's no airwalk from the hotel to the con. We've got 3/4 people at the moment (one may or may not show up, though it's looking better and better) and are looking for 2 more max!

    Not sure if the suite is going to be two queens and a futon or 1 king and a futon yet, so plan for sleeping on the floor just in case, otherwise you will be sharing a bed with another person. That said, my roomie and his boyfriend and myself get "bed priority" so to speak.

    For more info and all that jazz (that I don't want to post here), contact me over on the main FurAffinity website under the account name Kugetsu or catch me over on Telegram under the same name!

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