Commission (Hiring): Looking for Possibly Two Fursuits

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by xaliceonfire, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    I'm looking for someone to build two suits for my husband and I. I'm unsure if I want a partial or full, so I'm up for suggestions and advice.

    I will get into the full details if someone can work with me on price ranges and other things.

    Looking for a fox, possibly hybrid, build. Most likely a husky as well.

  2. AshenSkiesCreations

    AshenSkiesCreations New Member

    our full partials start at 895, and plantigrade fullsuits start at 1000, digigrade goes up to 1125, we've been working on dogs and things lately :3 we do payment plans as well! Ashen Skies Creations <---we reply fastest on facebook!
  3. HallowQueen

    HallowQueen Candy is dandy~ freakshowcollective
    i would love to work with you and your budget for a pair of suits! if you order two at the same time it allows for massive discounts. what an exciting project! please message me what your cost limit, time frame and design pallet, i can give you a quote and tell you how to get the best price for your ideal suits!
  4. BayouBaby

    BayouBaby Hoarder of Art Supplies and Books

    Two Tails Enterprises is a husband and wife duo dedicated to creating amazing fursuits! Our partials start at $600 and fullsuits start at $1000. Please check out our website for more information!
  5. Kabber

    Kabber I'm always down to get food

    Commission Info for Kabber -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I'm barely starting to sell suits, but I've been making them for a while! Because I'm still technically a beginner, I'm offering commissions for pretty cheap!
    Partials start at $350 and Fullsuits start at $850!
  6. silasswitch

    silasswitch New Member

    Are you still looking?

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