Commission (Hiring): Looking For Satyr/Faun Legs

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by TherianWolf, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. TherianWolf

    TherianWolf New Member

    Hey guys! For Halloween this year I am going to be a Satyr. I would like to find somebody that could make me a pair of legs with hooves included. I have a budget of about $200.
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  2. Ashwolves5

    Ashwolves5 Miss Fluffy Bottom

  3. TherianWolf

    TherianWolf New Member

    I'm looking to have someone custom make it not some store n besides, they don't do full goat they only do up to the knees from what I saw. I would also like goat fur on them. I didn't see fur on theirs.
  4. HallowQueen

    HallowQueen Candy is dandy~

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  5. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Hire Hallow she is amazing! ♡
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  6. Kabber

    Kabber I'm always down to get food

    I may be able to help, but it'll be more in the $300 range

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