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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DrakEmono, May 19, 2016.

  1. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member


    Well, first of all, I hope I'm in the right section for it...

    I'm looking to move to England and then looking to find some roommates to greet me and help me a bit for my arrival.
    I'm a furry for a long time now, and I'm also a gamer. I'm very open minded and love playing games (video or not), cuddles, hanging out, and have a social life.

    Well, if ever you have a place for me, feel free to answer me, PM me or add me on skype: DrakEmono, so we can discuss and I can add extra informations about myself.

    Thank you!
  2. Somnium

    Somnium The Sparklewolf

    nah brother you're doing it backwards. Make friends first, then ask for a shelter. Where are you from anyway?
  3. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member

    I'm from France.
    However, I wish to move first, and then making friends once I'm there.
  4. Somnium

    Somnium The Sparklewolf

    Well, I wish you good luck then. You will need it.
  5. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member

    Well, thanks.
  6. Elohiim_Koshiiri

    Elohiim_Koshiiri Terradorable

    Can I be your roomie? :D

    *mouthbreathing intensifies*
  7. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    So do you want friends so that you can cuddle with them or are you trying to turn your roomates into partners in which you do the boom boom with? :p
  8. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member

    Well, sure :3 If you have skype, you can add me so we can start to talk!

    Hehe, who knows? ^^
    Nah, really, I'm not that kind of fur who just cuddle to look for that, I really love cuddles. ^^ And I believe that it's something that people need to do much more often, that would help with a lot of things.
  9. Astusthefox

    Astusthefox The King of Games

    I'll move over there just to be your roommate, I hope you don't mind gross smells :V
  10. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member

    Thanks xP And gross smells... What kind of gross smells? ^^' Unless it's a really strong smell, I don't have a nose as I'm rarely able to scent anything ^^"
  11. DrakEmono

    DrakEmono Member


    I will do a bump, and... well, what if I retry the first suggestion, making friends first...
    How do you make friends easily here...?

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