Looking for two possible Roommates for FA:U 2016!

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Share' started by Mateo, Jul 2, 2016.

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    What I'm striving for right now is being able to make it to FA:U this year. MAYBE! I reserved the room, just need roommates by July 18th. So right now if anyone is going to FA:U, send me a note if your looking for a room. $110 bucks for four nights, two queen sizes bed. I got two that are interested but still unsure if they are going. So I'm trying to keep options open. If I don't get any roommates by 18th of July, then I cancel the reservation and cancel my day off. MUST BE %100 COMMITTED TO THIS!! Unless you have an emergency like Family or health emergency deal, then that is fine, but other wise be serious when you plan to room up with me. I like to plan things in advance and so that way we have everything sorted out :) It's just my way of making sure things go as planned and everyone is kept up-to-date. Right now I have myself and one of my friends that I'm gonna be rooming with. Plus a "Possible" third! (Yet to be determined), so trying to keep my options open ^^

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