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  1. AsRealAsItGets

    AsRealAsItGets New Member

    Hello! I am looking to get a piece made and I have a budget of $20 for a HeadShot. It's pretty simple, just a pure white ermine (winter coat stoat) with ice blue eyes, and as far as the art style goes, all I ask is that it be high quality, and if possible, in the same soft style as Seth Iova. I am open to other art styles though! Thank you!
  2. Shadify

    Shadify Yiffox

    Seth Iova? Oh I see. It's not a problem to me.)
    I can handle it.
    Here's my gallery and my pricelist.
    Some examples:
    Also. Check this offer. It might interest you too.
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  3. FakeAnarchist

    FakeAnarchist Member

    Hi, I'm interested in taking up your commission, I have worked on many different projects in a variety of styles.
    upload_2017-5-19_22-42-19.jpeg upload_2017-5-19_22-43-4.jpeg upload_2017-5-19_22-43-35.jpeg
    you can check out more of my work here: TheLivingShadow's DeviantArt Gallery

    and see my pricing here:

    If you're interested in hiring me let me know!

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  4. Fiction Factory

    Examples, prices and my ToS are there. I could probably do a headshot in a painted style for your maximum, due to the simplicity of the design.
    Here's a grayscale base i've made as an example of what my painted style looks like.
  5. soroka-ne-soroka

    soroka-ne-soroka New Member

  6. zombietoes

    zombietoes Loli Bunny

  7. southjaw

    southjaw Member

    Quick samples above.
    And full info here: Commission Info

    I do furs as well, let me know if you're interested!
  8. GesuGesu

    GesuGesu Member

    Would something like this be ok? I charge $45 for a CG-style with background like this.
  9. bellugia

    bellugia Member

    I can do headshots in this style for about 7.00$, and I've drawn animals of that breed before :>

    And here is my dA: bellumii on DeviantArt

    If you are interested in my style feel free to contact me through a conversation here, pm'ing my FA account (@bellugia) or noting me on deviantart <3 thank you and have a nice day !
  10. Kizrae

    Kizrae Member

    I'm open :)

  11. sushy

    sushy Gundam Meister

    Hi there,
    I could make you a digitally painted icon for $17 USD, a sketch portrait for $11 or a ballpoint portrait for $16 USD. Here are some examples of my work:






    More price options are here: Commission Info 2017 by sushy

    Please note me on FA or e-mail me at sushychan(at) if you want to work with me.
  12. Serena Elric

    Serena Elric Member

  13. 6yndybell

    6yndybell Member

    Hello! I´m very interested on this icon commission.

    Cost of 1 simple color icon is $20 USD
    Or 1 Full color icon $25 USD

    You can check my gallery here: Userpage of cyndybell -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    If you are interested, feel free to ask n__n

    Simple color example:

    Full color example:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. AsRealAsItGets

    AsRealAsItGets New Member

    thank you all for your interest, I have picked an artist and are now working with them on the commission.
  15. Emmon

    Emmon Member

  16. Hello, I have digital commissions! Check here for examples, pricing, and more info.
    Please message me if you're interested or have any questions about the process or pricing!
  17. Jagal

    Jagal Member

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