Looking to getting into writing Erotica. Any commissions?

Discussion in 'Writing & Prose' started by TikTikKobold, Jan 27, 2017.

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    EDIT: Now that I'm getting actual commissions, requests will be lower on my list of things to do. You can still request me things, but if you really want some work, a monetary incentive will net you something, indeed!

    Hello, Furry friends. I have made my account on furaffinity to try and get into the world of erotic storytelling, and perhaps even get to do commissions. Thing is, I don't have any work to show, because I don't want to associate my main account with anything lewd. So, in order to show people what I got, I think I'll take some very short requests. Tiny little 1000 word scenes just to stretch out and give some bite-sized context to people.

    I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to talk about this, so if not, please let me know where I should go. Anyway. I'm looking forward to hearing some ideas.
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    Well, I do have a request for you. I'm flat broke so I can't afford to pay you, but maybe we can hash out the details via personal messages.
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    Hi there. I really liked your adventures of TikTik. I can see her becoming an excellent mage in the future. Assuming the book is a spellbook.

    Anyway. If you are willing, I've got a couple ideas for which I'll gladly commission you to write. I'll send you a PM about them with more detail.
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    If they are just requests, I will consider them and might do them. However, if you wish to really commission me, I think I'll look into putting fingers to keyboard to provide you with quality entertainment!
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