Make your favorite game sound as shit as possible

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Yakamaru, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Logically chaotic and twice as charming

    Title says it all. Take one of your favorite games and make it sound as shitty as possible without mentioning the name or names in the game and being too obvious of which game it is. Profanity is to be expected in this thread. Makes it more spicey, you know.

    Here goes.

    The community is shit. MILLIONS of fucking cancer. The professional stage pretty much only have Koreans in it. Americans and Europeans even have Koreans on their teams. If they didn't have a limit on importing Koreans to their teams ALL the teams would practically be from Korea. Trained in hell. By Stan himself. They seem to be infesting everything(Obvious Zerg reference is obvious).

    If I could punch people through the screen I'd be bleeding from my knuckles from all the beating and pure exhaustion. Oh, and customization. Fuck that shit. So many builds you can go to totally fuck up your opponent.

    Doesn't help if the format is 5vs5 either. Means 4 other fuckwits you are forced to play with. And the other team ALWAYS have some super high smurf or some shit. Always. Playing with friends? Your friends are not fuckwits. Not at all. They are complete and utter morons who seem to have half their brain missing as they seem INCAPABLE of learning from their mistakes.

    You go top? Mid and bot are retarded, or jungle is and feeds your lane. Go mid? Top and bot is retarded. Jungle seems to be average. Just average. Go jungle EVERY lane feed and bitch about not getting a gank. The way they feed they could feed the whole of fucking Africa. Botlane? Won't even touch that boringass cancer of a lane, even if I had to play damage. Would rather castrate myself with a rusty teaspoon.

    Over a hundred different heroes, and yet like 80% of them aren't even played. One the rare occasion when all the planets align you see a hero of that pool of 80%, someone leaves. During a Ranked game. Throwing the hero back into the Void. The game developers seem to have a severe like for certain heroes while letting all the others rot until they get back to them MONTHS later.

    And yet, I come back to this game. I fucking hate the community but love the game.
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  2. MaximusLupis

    MaximusLupis Hipster Snob

    the lastest game in the series is constantly shit on by parts of it's own community for not being an earlier installment in the series.
    this earlier installment is considered the best game in the series is seldom taken seriously in actual pro fighting game communities.
    all while the community of this game, instead of working on playing better they just shitpost in facebook groups about players much more skilled then they are because it would be less of a carpal tunnel risk if they did that instead of working on their "tech"

    Its a fighting game on a boring 2d plane
    the only things keeping the gameplay anything more than an exercise in procuring carpal tunnel gets removed in tournaments because it makes the game unbalanced.

    Only like 6 out of the 20+ characters are competent to use half the time unless you're a fucking wizard or have been training your whole life

    This games creator hates having to make more of these games, yet puts more time into each installment.


    also, (another game)

    Dispite this game being apart of the ending of the cold war by bringing together the USSR and the west with a decent computer game, it has been overdone to shit and its now owned by EA. nuff said
  3. spaceybrains

    spaceybrains Active Member

    outer space zombie computer is fucking pissed
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  4. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    Run around for two-butt-fucking hours just to kill some spiders and dragons and people and shit.
  5. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Skyrim right?
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  6. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    OH yeah x)
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  7. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Get ready to loot and shoot shit up as you explore ancient temples with brand new lit candles! Take the one shiney thing you can then blow the place the fuck up ruining it for the world!
  8. ariamis

    ariamis i like killing people and long walks on the beach.

    welcome to dark souls
  9. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Push buttons, get frustrated, rage quite, go back to playing an hour later, rinse, repeat.
  10. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    Which Nintendo game is that?
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  11. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Mario I bet
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  12. tucakeane

    tucakeane Active Member

    Maybe Donkey Kong 64 too.
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  13. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Wouldn't you like to know. Who says it's even a Nintendo game? :V
  14. MaximusLupis

    MaximusLupis Hipster Snob

  15. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Well, you start off with a group of 3 friends doing a small heist... One of them fakes his death, while taking a lot of the money they earned. These three go each their different way on their own. Later, the three of them reunite: A black man with a criminal history, a mentally unstable asshole and a complete psycho. They start doing more and more Heists, the score raises more and more on each one... Howerver their friendship is unstable... during the Heists, it is good, but sometimes it starts falling apart... in the end, either the asshole or the psychopath dies.. or they three take an epic fight with a private army, the government and another people who try to kill them. After all this merciless killing, they kill another 4 men and finally, the game is over...

    A bit later online was introduced
    The concept is awesome, the community, however is complete cancer
    What happens if you give retards a tank, a fighter jet or guns? Yes, the online mode of the game I'm describing
  16. MaximusLupis

    MaximusLupis Hipster Snob

    system shock 2?
  17. spaceybrains

    spaceybrains Active Member

    lmao yup!
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  18. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    First one is where half the game you throw around boxes, the other half are driving sequences, and it ends on a cliffhanger that developers are still too lazy to resolve.

    Second one consists of murdering babies and ends in 20 minutes, after which you do it all over again.

    Third one is about psycho fursuiters dying in appartments while some 80s synth crap plays at the background.

    My taste is awful, I know
  19. DrtraumaTy

    DrtraumaTy Sexy Turian

    343i took over.
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  20. Akinyi

    Akinyi Queen Snow Mew

    Your dad runs off and leaves you in an underground prison, you break out and realise the prison was better, but now you're stuck out there in deep sh*t and everyone wants you to run errands for them instead of just helping you. One woman even pays you to go out and break a few limbs just for the lols.
  21. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

  22. Akinyi

    Akinyi Queen Snow Mew

    Yep, 3 to be exact.
    Just want to say I love your username XD
  23. EdgyMemeLord0

    EdgyMemeLord0 Master of succ

    Awww, thank you :3
  24. Guilleum2

    Guilleum2 Works too hard

    A pink ball eats everything
  25. Akinyi

    Akinyi Queen Snow Mew

    You've made me realise that I am secretly Kirby!

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