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  1. I am looking for some good manga to read suggestions please
  2. -Sliqq-

    -Sliqq- Silo

    Have you tried Chobits?

    It's pretty short, but it's an interesting read - if you like robots...

    Maybe a bit too much.
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  3. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    Biomega, Knights of Sidonia.
    Basically anything Nihei.
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  4. beezlebum

    beezlebum New Member

    Well, what have you read?
  5. OMG the list is long im looking mainly for obscure manga
  6. beezlebum

    beezlebum New Member

    Well, what type? Seinen, shonen, etc?
  7. Luku_Zuku

    Luku_Zuku The Local Pyromaniac Necromancer

    YAY!! Someone else knows Biomega here!!

    Anyway, If I had to recommend any manga, I'd have to say Tokyo Ghoul, even over the anime... The Brushed art is so AWESOME
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  8. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    The art is gorgeous, the storytelling is cinematic in its views and world building. Apart from the small decline in detailed artwork in the last couple of books I think it's a top-notch sixpiece manga.
  9. beezlebum

    beezlebum New Member

    Tokyo Ghoul manga especially over the anime. Root A was just. what.

    The scanlations are a bit difficult to follow though because they are not as clean of scans as the actual releases.
  10. Luku_Zuku

    Luku_Zuku The Local Pyromaniac Necromancer

    There's where I win. I've bought the first 2 volumes... I've made sure to keep them safe too
  11. John the fur

    John the fur Idiotic NERD cause why not

    Soul eater
  12. John the fur

    John the fur Idiotic NERD cause why not

    Absolute duo
  13. Luku_Zuku

    Luku_Zuku The Local Pyromaniac Necromancer

    Oh crap, I just noticed you said obscure XD

    If I had to choose one of those maybe nabari no ou for the shone side and I'd have to back Biomega for the seinen side...
  14. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    Guyver. I've read about 30 chapters and it's pretty good. The manga's been going on since 1985, so I am in no hurry to catch up. You'll like it if you enjoy a lot of action, Science Fiction, old school series, and Shounen.
    QUOTE="Insanity Steve, post: 5454898, member: 100116"]OMG the list is long im looking mainly for obscure manga[/QUOTE]
    Dorohedro. I haven't read it myself, but you can check out the premise.
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  15. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    Dorohedro. I haven't read it myself, but you can check out the premise.[/QUOTE]
    I made the mistake of buying the first book.
    The art is very amateur, proportions vary frame to frame and it's about as grimdark as you can get, it's pretty funny in a way it's not meant to be. Cringey even.
    Dialoque didn't really work either.
    Wouldn't recommend it
  16. Ive read that already im I am on tokyo ghoul re
  17. 3Kurama3

    3Kurama3 Guest

    Umm, maybe xxxholic? It's a good read, especially delving into a bit of mythology and psychology. All in all, a good, long series. It also has an anime if you want to watch it.
  18. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    [​IMG] [​IMG] These came in today.
  19. Lasvicus

    Lasvicus Guest

    Boku No Piko.
    It's a true classic.
  20. Z-Mizz

    Z-Mizz Monkey Magic c(^o^)ɔ

    Obscure manga hmm...

    Telepathic Wanderers: Tragic story about a group of psychic individuals and their search for others who understand them and a place to hide away from a government trying to eradicate them.

    Biomeat: Resident Evil~esque manga that follows a group of kids as they struggle to survive in a world where science has created a "biomeat" substance that eats anything, taking care of the world's garbage problem, and multiplies, ending world hunger. Problem is the "biomeat" isn't easily controlled and it's always hungry.

    Suicide Island: Imagine a world where if you attempted suicide and failed, instead of being accepted back into society, you were sent to a remote island seperated from civilization. This story follows a group of people on this island who are struggling to redeem themselves and survive on this island after they were removed from a world that no longer acknowledged their existence. Their obstacles are the island itself, other people, and their weak wills to live.

    I love non-mainstream manga and anime. I know plenty more, but typing all this on a cell phone is a pain (@_@) I can list more later if you're interested. (^_^)
  21. MarineHaddock

    MarineHaddock New Member

    Mother Keeper; My personal favourite manga, I absolutely adored this. I'll give fair warning, you can definitely see how the artist improved over the years but by the end of it, the art is lovely. Also sadly, Kawaii Corner had their paws on translations, decided "who needs a proofreader anyway" and refused to do redraws. The series is a grey vs gray morality type. Ricalna comes from the slums and is the adoptive son of the leader of a rebellion against the "utopian" government. Ricalna gets caught and starts to see the world from the view of that government and has to decide who he really wants to save here. Ricalna is a pretty big emotions character and not really a fighter, most the fighting in this manga is done by the female cast (who I adore) or the old men (because the author has a preference for old men). It's fun and a pretty light read. It's 72 chapters long and translations have just completed, I read it when it was still translating and managed 40-50 chapters in 2 days and I'm a slow reader.

    Monochrome Factor; From the same author as Mother Keeper, this is the more shounen school manga. It's a fantasy story at heart and a very good one, but the start of it does feel like a lot of early 2000s manga involving teenagers. The manga is a shounen-ai, and if you're familiar with the comedy anime adaption, you'll know that. The manga took a much more serious route with it and the ending is actually one of my favourite manga endings ever. The story itself is about Akira, a teenage boy who really doesn't want to be a protagonist to begin with but has to because he's forced to. He's a jerk, he'd probably let his friends die if you really gave him a choice. Akira has to stop the evil villain from destroying the world because he's not given any choice in the matter. The cast is solid, once again with a lot of emotional stuff with the male cast, meanwhile, the girls do a lot of fighting, though the boys do get some my favourite scenes go to the girls. For the most part, it's a pretty standard series but I really enjoyed it surprisingly even though it's not really my style.

    Croa Chimera (also translated as Kuroa Chimera): The newest work from the same author, showing off the great standard of art they've achieved. A fantasy series based on people who can turn into animals/half animals/maybe have a snake tongue, with a doctor in the main role. The series is still very early on so it's not quite got into the actual plot, but it's still nice enough to just enjoy the art and spot things from his doujins.

    Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji (Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth): Again quite a new manga but one that very much throws you in at the deep end right from the start and plans to just fill you in as you go. Eight people awaken in a castle filled with traps with the simple task of whoever makes it out gets to be king, if more than one makes it out they can vote on who they want to be the king. Naturally this is going to cause problems because some have very different views on how they want to become king and not all of them are above murder. It's a manga that constantly feels like it's going because the characters are constantly being pushed forward, as they'll drown if they stay still too long. It's a very fun read though there are some questions as to how long it can really last with only so much of a castle to journey through.
  22. I knew someone would post that horror
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  23. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    Getter Robo.

    There's also a Star Wars manga for the entire trilogy for Star Wars fans and one for the Phantom Menace if you care about that one.
  24. Arcturus Maple

    Arcturus Maple Enigmatic Anomaly

    "A Centaur's Life" by Kei Murayama is a pretty good slice of life, but told in a world where nearly everyone is a liminal. That is to say, the story centers around people with various features from other creatures. The main characters include centaurs, fauns, angels, satyrs, imps, mermaids, and snake people (not naga/lamia, literally snakes with human arms and legs).
  25. bubblymaika

    bubblymaika I'd sell you to Satan for one corn chip.

    If you enjoy horror manga, I really recommend Junji Ito's works. He also has a "horror" comic about his fiance's cats.
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