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  1. Praetor Pragmus

    Praetor Pragmus New Member

    I'm surprised no one's suggested Anima+

    That entire serious revolves around young people who are essentially half animal, and can sprout wings and such.

    Angel Densetsu is a funny one, its about a normal guy who's so ugly everyone assumes he's a thug and picks fights with him. Through comedic timing, he manges to "win" every fight he's in...even though he doesn't fight back and has no clue what's happening. The local thugs comes to revere him as some kind of delinquent god, to which he's totally oblivious to.
  2. SimonMayers

    SimonMayers New Member

    What kind of manga do you like? You can read Kindaichi or fairy tail.
    driving directions
  3. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    It's proof of an amateur troll level. If you want to meme on some poor newbie, there is so much worse out there—or at least about as bad but much stranger. By "freaky niche anime/manga porn" standards, Boku no Pico is downright tame.
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  4. Sivath

    Sivath ㅇㅅㅇ

    A classic. I loved the sci-fi aspects of it.

    Beautiful, vampires, funny, queer. The length is just right in my opinion, and the story is pretty tight and interesting. It won't take too much of your time. Oh, but warning; Very dark aspects, demons, rape and a lil bit of gore. But it's still my favourite.

    Their Story.
    By Tan jiu. So it's a manhwa. Great if you're looking for something light and happy and funny and adorable. It's about two girls in love. And I love that it's just 'gay' and not 'yuri'.

    19 days.
    By Old Xian. Also a manhwa. Similar to 'Their Story' but a bit sadder. Still funny.

    I'm sure you already know Dgrayman and Tokyo ghoul and stuff, so skipping that.

    Webtoon. Pretty interesting. Do a quest, receive your dice, roll it, get points to improve your real life. Except, real life shouldn't be a game.

    Duty after school.
    Webtoon. Everyone has to be a soldier when alien creatures arrive.

    // oh and I heard 'Tower of God' was the best or whatever, but I haven't read that yet, so I can't confirm.
  5. c0ldfire

    c0ldfire Thief in the Night

    Is anyone reading "BEASTARS" yet? You should. :)
    It's seinen with a world similar to Zootopia, but darker and more brutal.

    In love with the protagonist, Legosi the wolf, atm.
  6. Finian Wren

    Finian Wren Starring Dante from Devil May Cry™

    I say give the following a shot:
    • Aku no Hana
    • Sundome
    • BLAME
    • Harukana Machi-E
    • Ibitsu
    Some people above mentioned "I am a Hero" and "Suicide Island"; I'd also give them a go.
  7. KittenCozy

    KittenCozy kitten in a cozy

    I don't have any obscure recommendations, mostly because I prefer a well-established artist/series. That being said, I'm interested in the horror and shonen genres.
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Boku no Hero Academia
    Hunter x Hunter

    anything by Ito Junji
    Emerging by Hokazono Masaya
    Jisatsu Circle by Furuya Usamaru
  8. c0ldfire

    c0ldfire Thief in the Night

    Also recommending "Dungeon Meshi"/ "Delicious Dungeon".

    Basically it's DnD dungeon-crawling + food porn where a party of adventurers cooked and ate their way through a dungeon using raw materials gathered from killed monsters and repurposing booby-traps into kitchen equipment. XD
  9. ilexdusk

    ilexdusk Stinky but Kawaii ;3

    Noragami and Pandora Hearts are personal favorites. They both got anime adaptions. However, Pandora Hearts didn't hit it off as an anime, but the manga is amazing. Noragami seems to be hitting it off pretty well.

    **Pandora Hearts is a completed manga. A bit of a spin on Alice in Wonderland type stuff.

    **Noragami is on-going rn and about gods and the afterlife type things.. a bit romance here and there.

    I've been reading a lot of obscure shit lately(but nothing significant I'd say...).

    *Mahou Tsukai no Yome (kinda laid back manga. about wizards and mages type stuff. witches. guy with cool skull face basically buys this girl who is pure-bred af for magic and he teaches her stuff) -- on going
    *Saga (it's not a manga but it's a good comic read. it's basically futuristic romeo and juliet with TV people and people with animal like bodies and people with wings and stuff. its done by a guy named Brian K. Vaughan) -- on going
    *MeruPuri (shojou af. same author that did Vampire Knight.) -- completed

    I'll post again if I think of anymore.
  10. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    Pretty much anything by Hitoshi Tomizawa from Alien Nine on is one hell of a trip. In the same vein, Made in Abyss is apparently quite something if you think the show looks neat and you want to check out the source material. If that's all insufficiently unhinged for you, and you speak French or Japanese, there's always Nekojiru.

    For stuff that's just gorgeous, Berserk is hard to beat, although Inio Asano and Suehiro Maruo get close from entirely different directions and none are to be approached lightly.
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  11. fbgemini

    fbgemini New Member

    Try Ogeha and Hoshi no Pondo to toufuya Reiko, dude

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