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    This thread is dedicated to exactly what the title implies: Post and discuss here about super powers and such you've seen in fiction that are just plain nutty.

    I'll start it with a favorite of mine that kinda-sorta blurs the line between 'power' and 'equipment'.

    The Berserker Armor, from the anime 'Berserk'.

    [​IMG] Berserker Armor (I really wanted to link the scene of the armor's debut in the 2017 anime, but it's way over the forum's limit).

    It's a suit of black, heavy plate, steel armor, forged by the dwarves of the Berserk world, and imbued with an almost palpable aura of negative od (the black-magic of the Berserk world).

    What does that magic do?

    A bunch of things.

    1) It turns off the sense of pain of the person who dons the armor. Meaning they fight undistracted and unhindered by injury.

    2) The armor mends itself from deformation and other forms of damage, so the person wearing it always has solid metal between them and potential threats.

    Those sound like nifty perks for a suit meant to be worn into battle, right?


    3) The armor taps into and brings to the surface the most violent and darkest urges of the person who wears it. The armor drives them to fight as brutally and violently as possible, headless of threat, injury, or the safety of allies.

    4) The armor morphs to align its appearance with the manifestation of that darkness and violence within the wearer. This makes the armor itself a pretty terrifying thing to look upon, especially when the person wearing it is in the grip of its drive, because their visage will seem to disappear, leaving just a suit of monstrous-looking metal that attacks with ruthless violence.

    5) Along with the disabling of the body's sense of pain, the armor liberates the wearer of all normal physical inhibitions, enabling them to fight at the maximum capacity of the human body. They are able to move far faster than a normal human, strike harder, and shrug off blows that would fell any other warrior.

    Essentially, it pushes someone of normal physique to perform as though they were enhanced, like Steve Rogers (Captain America).

    Except it doesn't reinforce their body, or boost the strength of their bones.

    Someone wearing the armor can swing a sword so hard that they cleave through the armor of their opponents, or smash it right through an opponent's the cost of shattering their own arm.

    6) (and this is the most disturbing of its capabilities) It forcibly holds the body of its wearer together, enabling them to continue to fight even after severe injury.

    The wording of that is very specific, for good reason. If the wearer suffers shattered bone or the like, the armor will pin the skeleton back together with spikes and needles of itself, enabling the fighter to continue to move and wield their weapon.

    But it doesn't heal them. It only heals itself. The more the person wearing it fights, the more and more horrific the amount of damage their body takes from their opponents and the armor itself, even if they don't feel any of it. And given the armor's drive to continue combat at all costs, the wearers of it have fought until they've essentially bled out.

    It's pretty much the epitome of a 'last ditch' sort of power or gear, since utilizing it has such a heavy cost on the user......

    But damn, it's cool to see it in use.
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    Messed up? Well, ever seen this?
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    That needs some more context and description. It's clear it's something messed up happening, but not what.
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    It's all explained, gotta read the whole thing.
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    the ability only to teleport to Kenya
    the ability to turn invisible when no one is looking at you
    the ability to attract bullets
    the ability to cry acid tears
    the ability to revive insects
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    Ah, I hadn't loaded the rest of it.

    Yup! Stuff like that is what the thread is for!
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    Not as messed as @scythemouse 's but still pretty up there imo in context =P
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    That was a good battle. Blood-bending is a great off-shoot of water-bending, and seeing water-bending used to rip water out of plant-life was a great twist.
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    isn't there a crazy cat lady hero/villian? i don't remember where i heard it but i've a vivid image in my head of some homeless looking tramp throwing feral cats at someone.
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  11. Simo

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    Matter Eater Lad was pretty funny.

    From DC.

    Power? Eats matter.


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    Please do keep the forum's PG-13 rating in mind when posting.
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    Sorry, i'll remember from now on. Post Deleted

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