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    :iconriu1: has been missing since May, when his blog was deleted for violations of Tumblr's rules. I fear he may have committed suicide. All I know is that he was a great fetish writer and was planning on writing another story before his blog was removed.

    if you know him, and he happens to be alive, please cheer him up and help get him back on the internet again.

  2. Jarren

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    I have no knowledge of this person, but if they committed suicide over a deleted account, they have some rather serious problems and getting back on the internet should not be a priority. Medical care should. Plus, looking for a missing Tumblr user here probably isn't gonna go as well as you'd hope. I'd recommend simply finding another writer to get your rocks off to and not try to form a posse to force this poor dude back onto the net. Also, that icon text only works on the main site.
  3. PlusThirtyOne

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    Your post reads as incredibly selfish.
    if somebody is suicidal, the first thing they need is HELP, not attending to your fetish.
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  4. Sergei Sóhomo

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    If they committed suicide then they'd be


    Now if they attempted suicide then they could still be alive.
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  5. fallout19980

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    Okay this strikes me as astronomically stupid. If the guy has suicidal tendencies, peer pressuring him into doing work is probably the worst thing you could do. He needs a break and support. This pied piper act is not helping anyone.
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  6. Jarren

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    That's what I get for posting while drunk. Oops.
  7. IconOfSin

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    Well, excuse me, princess.
  8. Belatucadros

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