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    yo y'all i joined up like... a month ago almost give or take but i never rly made any kind of introduction here? i just kinda awkwardly dumped my ass in the middle of the forums like 'goddamn what is up'

    anyway i am here now to share some stuff about me, like interests and such

    and before u say anything, no i couldn't give two fucks abt proper grammar and punctuation, u only live once and i'm not wasting away making everything spiffy and perfect (already gotta do that for my essays and i am on break)

    SO, my name's kodi and i recently turned eighteen a couple of months ago... i'm also a gay twink ass lookin' fool who's happily dating some other fool

    i have a cat called archie (full joke name is archiebald ponchachie chungy 'jingles' caramel-tush chungerson... he usually just gets called chungy or puss-puss tho) and as u probably guessed by the 'chungy' he's kinda fat (well not rly he's just large? one chick's comment when she first saw him was 'wow that's a big cat')

    i'm also getting a fighting fish soon! i originally got two black moors called gus and evan but (despite my efforts to prevent this from happening) they got NTS and didn't make it thru the night :c
    fighters are hardier when it comes to PH levels and filtration so hopefully i'd be better at taking care of one of those (i've already named him in advance, he's gonna be called sammy)

    i don't rly have many interests except for drawing, pokemon, pugs, VIXX (fuck all those boys can murder me and i'd thank them gOD)
    (tho in saying that they're the only korean group i like, i'm not actually that big on kpop or (jpop w/e) at all)), learning about animals and animal care, ocs (i have .... 26 and counting), and just binging on youtube or making the occasional speedpaint to post

    i say i like pugs and i RLY like pugs, everytime i see one i cry real tears

    i just love them so much u guys :'0
    (i'd love to get a pug one day but as much as i love them i don't rly think the whole breeding them until they're fucked thing was a good idea so i'd rather get a retro-mop or a pug that's cross-bred w/ smthn else so that it has a longer snout and can breathe easier)

    i also seem very chatty and easygoing online but irl i'm a nervous wreck who's kinda mute around p much everyone (hence why i prefer online communication, i can actually talk), not sure what the deal w/ that is but it could have smthn to do w/ some of my other 'alignments' or w/e the hell y'all wanna call them (not going to detail them here, don't want ppl thinking any differently of me after all)
    in saying that, sometimes i have a very hard time understanding text, so don't be worried if i ask u to clarify smthn that u'd said even if the meaning seems clear!

    admittedly, i'm kind of a introverted shut-in and have trouble finding the courage/motivation to leave my room letalone the house, but lately i've been trying to get myself out of that negative rut by forcing myself to go out whenever someone has an event on or if a friend asks if i want to visit! said shut-in...ness has a lot to do w/ some nasty anxiety and extreme paranoia issues but since i'm heavily against resorting to medication for my problems i have to try and find natural ways to help myself!
    which is another reason i've joined the forums! so far, making myself engage in group conversations has been easing up some of that social anxiety a little bit (not much, but every bit counts, y'know?)

    in saying that, i'm horribly awkward to talk to, tho i try my best to make conversation!

    ANYWAY i've enjoyed my time here so far and everyone seems rly nice and chill to talk to! hopefully i can chat w/ more of u guys in the future and even make some friends, who knows ;u;

    hopefully this intro was.... in depth (?) enough lmao, nice to meet u all ;0
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