Sketchbook: More adoptable designs~

Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by whiteglue, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. whiteglue

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    Hi again everyone~ Still working away on adoptable designs. I hear there is a discord server floating around but I can't find any info on it. I figure its probably faster to get feedback on for the next one, so if anyone has any info and feels like passing it on I'd love you forever. Im in need of a good new Discord.

    This is LaRue, a border collie mix, her and Amber are gunna be up for grabs pretty soon, hopefully tonight~ c: I almost wanna keep her shes so fluffy~
  2. W00lies

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    I like that you edited the features around for this one, makes them look more unique than just changing the colors. :) I really like your clean lineart as well, it's very appealing to look at.

    I've seen adoptables before where people gave them names and a basic personality. Maybe the artist was just popular but it seems like they sold like hot cakes! :)
  3. whiteglue

    whiteglue degenerate extraordinaire

    Oh I always make it a point not to just fiddle with colours when i do a new adopt, if they are just colour swaps of eathother it loses the uniqeness for me >~<
    I totally forgot to tell you thankyou for your orevious advice! I made the neck on my other girl bigger and moved the pattern on her tail to break it up and she looks better now :) i actually added the thicker neck to my base as well so they will all have it from now on. I love giving them names and bits of backstory (i do almost full stories for my human ones) but ive always been worried that giving it too much of my own narrative will turn away someone who wants to make it completely their own so i flounder between actually adding details for that reason
    This is the updated amber that you helped me with :)
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  4. W00lies

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    Oh wow! She is so cute!! I'm sure you'll be able to sell those adoptable. :) Aah that's true I see your point with the stories. :O I'm sure you'll do well once you get the right people to find you. Just make sure you advertise yourself enough. :)

    PS: I'm glad I was able to help! <3
  5. whiteglue

    whiteglue degenerate extraordinaire

    Thanks! I'm still kinda trying to figure out where to go for advertisement, it seems like these forums move kinda slow in the sales department so I'm kinda trying all over, hopefully one day they'll get some bites haha

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