Motor City Furry Con

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    JinxiFox This has nothing to do with jelly!

    I attended last year and loved every minute of it. My husband and I planned on attending this year, but the sudden passing of my sister took precedence.
    I emailed the organizers, explaining that we couldn't attend this year and why, I was asking if they could mail us our Super Sponsor swag to us, or possibly a refund. I honestly wasn't even counting on the refund. I've been to and been an organizer of several cons (all kinds of cons), and I knew that the refund was not a possibility, I believe the registry page even said no refunds, so I was not expecting one.
    But the next day, I got two emails from the heads of the con board, expressing their deepest condolences and sympathies along with a notice that they would refund our registration immediately, and hoped we could attend next year.

    Thank you MCFC. You guys are the best, and we will be there next year for another round of furry fun. You guys rock.
    If you have a chance to attend this con, do so. It was one of the best cons I have ever been to, and I'm a several time survivor of SD Comic Con and Dragon Con.

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