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    Hi there!! This is my first post on the forums here I did an intro many moons ago but kinda forgot about this account. Anyways I'm a fursuiter from South Africa and I have made a few fursuit items and a full digi suit so far.

    I have been doing some number crunching, importing a proper suit that I would like with all the bells and whistles would cost me well over R30k and especially the one I want from made fur you will cost around R50k.

    I thought of opening a savings account and depositing money when and if I can into said account and hopefully reaching that goal of R50k so I can have my dream fursuit from one of my favorite makers however my budget period would be over 3 years as I do not currently generate any income. Realising that a extra hidden pocket on a suit will cost $100 extra to add on where as me making that exact same pocket and it won't even cost me R20 to make I started digging around on various websites and found that importing various professionally made parts eliminating the need to hand sculpt various parts and creating the perfect symmetry suit, wouldn't cost all that much to import.

    The only imports I have to do is the green fur which I can import for around $65 for 200cm*150cm including shipping, a resin toony headbase for $95 and a precasted nose for $12 plus shipping of the two items which is $55. Totaling in $227. ($1=R13)

    Then already I have a significant portion of the suit covered, the rest of the items I need I either already have or it's easily found in craft shops all around me.

    However my goal with this new suit I'm going to be making is pulling out all the stops I possibly can and making it as professional as I possibly can, I have made a few visits to professional tailors and hobbyist tailors and I have gotten excellent advice and I really feel I am capable of this. I also feel with the sewing experience I have gotten so far and the fact that I know the very basics of fursuit making quite well I can make this suit quite well.

    I will be updating on this thread as regular as I can my new findings and progress but actual progress will take a while as I will be "hoarding" the materials first before I make this suit.

    It will sport things such as:
    -LED's on various parts
    -Resin claws
    -Digi legs
    -Moveable jaw
    -Realistic teeth
    -Proper cooling system which I will make before furring the head and I will post pics here of how I do it
    -The suit will even have a power supply to power all the electronics
    -Attached to suit tail
    -Various lengths of fur on various areas as seems fitting (Please advise, see ref attached)

    So I want to ask opinions here on something as well, the shorter and longer fur variants I have in the colors I will be using. I want opinions as to where it would look best to use different length variants of fur without it looking bad.
    YoteFox resized.jpg

    This will be a benchmark of my skills and what I have learnt so far I will be focusing as much as possible on detail. It will be a longer term project I estimate it to be done at the latest in December this year if all things goes as planned. Though I have other commissions I have to finish first before I can attempt this momentous project. So I will not be taking ANY commissions for this entire year until this new project is 100% done.

    I'm also going to be making video blogs on my YT channel ( on how, when and where I find the materials and I'm going to be documenting as much as possible my progress on the suit. I'll be posting everything here as much as I can.

    I'm really excited for this project and I really hope I can make this a reality!
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    Best of luck ^-^ South africa eh? Your the first person iv seen from that far away :eek:
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    Hehe Thank you!
    Yeah it's quite far from US haha, we've got a few furs here in SA and our community is growing fast here. I'm actually one of 7 suiters in SA lol and one of the only ones to actually have made his own suit ^.^
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    Well I truly hope your community flourishes ^-^
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    Thank you very much!!!
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