My First Suit Head, Critigues?

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Critiques' started by Wolf-Man-Kyle, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Wolf-Man-Kyle

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    So, I finished sculpting and outting the eyes into my first head. I scrapped quite a few before getting to this point. I tried for some follow-me-eyes, but i didn't quite get it right, however, it was a learning process, and I can do it better next time. I got the tongue, teeth, horns, and spikes from a place called DreamVisionCreations on etsy, but everything else was all me. It's a good fit, maybe a bit small as its squashes my ears and presses up against my nose even with the gap in the back of the muzzle for it. Plus the jaw got a bit crooked and i had a hard time hollowing out the middle smoothly.
    Can someone give me a tip on giving the head an expression? I've been having trouble with that.
    edit: here the pictures now
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  2. Wolf-Man-Kyle

    Wolf-Man-Kyle New Member

    I've made some handpaws, well, I made the padding for them, I'm not sure how it'll turn out with fur... but I prefer them padded as it makes them less flat. I prefer experimenting than following tutorials, what do you guys think?
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    Hey man! It looks pretty good! I just started making my first suit so im not an expert by any means but you might want to consider building up the cheeks a bit more. It seems kinda narrow to me. It also kinda looks like you have some symmetry problems. Someone told me to draw a line down the center of the base when you first start building it and that really helped me to make sure everything was even on both sides. The eyes look really good :)

    Im not sure how the hand paws are gunna work out... I think the gaps might be a bit too big and the fur could sag a bit in between, but i could be totally wrong! If you have fur to spare, I'd say go for it and see how it turns out :) Also try to minimize sharp edges as best as you can to help the fur lay flat.

    Keep up the good work! :D
  4. Wolf-Man-Kyle

    Wolf-Man-Kyle New Member

    Thanks! I feel like you're right about the paws, I'm trying to think a better way to do it, luckily I didn't securely glue them down, just tacked them down with a little bit, I'll try to smooth them out!
  5. Your examples are actually pretty decent, for a first timer.

    That's all it is. Good skills are always developed by simple trial and error.
  6. Yarra

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    for your first one that's awesome! nice job

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