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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Alexios, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Alexios

    Alexios New Member

    TL/DR: Just venting some stupid rage that has built up in me about two YCH auctions where I got screwed, so just move along, nothing to see here…

    In the past couple of days I got screwed at two YCH auctions and although I know it’s stupid, but I just can’t get over it. Not yet anyways. I need some timeout probably…

    At the first one, I had the winning bid when the auction ended according to the artist’s ending date in the description (not real dates for anon reasons): ‘auction ends: 25th March 20:00pm GMT’

    So it’s pretty straightforward, you can’t misinterpret it. At 20:10 I logged off knowing that I had the final bid (oh, me, the idiot). When I logged in later I saw a new bid that arrived like 20 minutes after I logged off, 30 mins after the auction ended. And guess what, the new guy won it. With 5$ more.

    I wrote to the artist, who said, shit happens… but for 5 damn bucks? I know that some artists live from day to day and desperately need the cash, but this one wasn’t! I even offered 5$ more over the other guy’s bid. But no, thats not fair, because the artist already declared winner. But I am the winner!!! . And ignoring your own YCH rules and me is fair? Come on…

    No problem, count to ten. Everything is going to be okay.

    The second one (about a day later). Similar situation, auction ends (let’s say again) at 25th March 20:00 GMT. It was a beautiful YCH picture, from which I got an instant tight-pants situation (still lol). I made a bid and then went to work. Because there was NO Autobuy I knew that whatever happens I will have time to bid on it later, when I get home after work. (me, the idiot, Act 2). When I got home I saw that the auction already ended about 6+ hours before it’s supposed to and of course I was overbid.

    Don’t, panic maybe the artist messed something up. Note sent. Reply: yeah, ‘felt like’ closing earlier, shit happens. Seriously? This one is even weirder, because (s)he had the time to get more bids, more money, but no, close earlier, that’s sensible. Again, I try to ‘bribe’ the artist, I even asked if (s)he could make another one for me – even privately, never ever share with anyone and so on... But no, no, that’s not fair towards the winner. That was the point when my eyes started to twitch and I lost my shit.

    If I as a bidder screw up anything then I am banner for life from ever bidding on anything.
    If an Artist does something wrong, then why is it okay?

    Everything is going to be okay. I need to get some fresh air…
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  2. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like the exact same situation to me. If as a bidder you do something the seller thinks is shitty, you may not be able to bid on anything else from that artist again.
    If as a seller an artist does something you think is shitty, they may have lost out on getting further business from you again.

    Basically, it's up to you whether you want to vote with your wallet. Nobody's forcing you to bid on anything else those artists post.
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  3. Sogreth

    Sogreth Local Cuddle Bear and Wannabe Writer

    I'm not really sure how it works here. I've never been involved in any auction here.

    But if what you say is true, that's really sketchy, and honestly those artists should be rather ashamed of themselves. Cancelling auctions early "just because" or extending them longer to grab an extra 5 bucks? Then just replying with "shit happens".

    But I guess this is all you can really do =/ I don't think there are any concrete rules about how they run their auctions. But it does make them look bad when they do things like this. And if they keep doing this, it will eventually catch up to them, and no one will want to support them.
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  4. Alexios

    Alexios New Member

    So true. It's not like I want some sort of childish revenge (that's why I won't publicate their names), I just really needed to vent some pressure...
  5. Alexios

    Alexios New Member

    Don't get involved, it's quite addictive and has a huge negative effect on your vallet. ;)
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  6. EdgarKingmaker

    EdgarKingmaker Zombie Bat Lord

    Well, in fact, it's less to do with YCH auctions in general, and more with artist integrity. In these instances described, it appears that the artist did not stick to their word.

    This, of course, is a problem in many different instances. I've been screwed out of quite a few monetary transactions on FA because the artist would either disappear, not live up to their word, or just simply stop caring. There's little else to do but begrudgingly never bid on them again. If the cases were severe enough, there's those "beware" sites, but as far as I know, not that many people really check those out.

    I'll often bid on artists who are little known in order to try and give them a bit of a boost, but alas they are the most likely to not live up to their words. Often, with popularity comes the necessity for integrity.

    (As a side note, I personally take integrity very seriously.)
  7. Alexios

    Alexios New Member

    I don't believe in beware sites, because how can I be sure that what is written there is true? Sadly, it'd be probably used to discredit artist/ eliminate competition. Even I cant prove my side of the story, because one of the artist deleted the YCH and the connecting conversations - not that I care much, I am more or less over this.

    At last my blood pressure normalized.
  8. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    Everything is fair as long as you don't get scammed of your money, in my opinion .з.
  9. EdgarKingmaker

    EdgarKingmaker Zombie Bat Lord

    Well, I have lost about $200 that I can't get back, through a few various YCHs or commissions from artist that just... vanished. $100 of that to a very popular and "reputable" artist. So I just don't spend more than $25 on a single piece anymore.

    Glad to hear your blood pressure has normalized. :3
  10. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    YCH: female, slim body type, busty and canine only.
  11. Piccolora

    Piccolora Like No One Ever Was

    I've taken part in several YCH auctions and it all depends on how reputable the person holding is it. I've always only done it through one person and I trust them to be 100% honest and it has shown. Some people just don't care about you and only care about the money. :/

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