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Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Defyie, May 13, 2008.

  1. Defyie

    Defyie New Member

    Hey all!

    I'm new to FA, and thought I'd pop in and say hello, and tell a bit about me :)

    I'm 20, and ride horses. I have ONE, a percheron X thoroughbred cross, named Wildberry. we do 3day eventing.

    I'm an internet addict when I'm not up at the barn or at work!

    I'm also addicted to body modification, piercings and the like.

    My fursona, is a white/ dilute colored draft horse/ dragon cross named "defyie". She mirrors me completely, and in all honesty IS me. (what am I doing in this stupid human suit?)
    Hopefully FA will bring me around, and I'll start doing art trades and the like. I'm pretty new at that kind of stuff :/

    so hello!
  2. Thietogreth

    Thietogreth He who shale be ignored...

    Welcome to FA. Free paistres for new comers.

    Perrrsia: And hugs from Perrrsia nyaa =3
  3. Defyie

    Defyie New Member

    mmm pastries!

    I'm lovin' this FA place already!
    somebody already helped me with a very big question I had about my massive antique of a wacom tablet!

  4. Thietogreth

    Thietogreth He who shale be ignored...

    Ah that's good, and that just goes to show you people will help if you ask, though I shouldn't be the first you ask since I'm still not that knowligable yet.
  5. Defyie

    Defyie New Member

    Aww :) I'm pretty much totally excited to get my wacom back though! I never expected to get an answer, but there it was. I was like O.O

    Now Im waiting for my boy to get home so we can go into town and buy my cable! :D

    and hey, your more knowing on this stuff than I am! :p
  6. Shark_the_raptor

    Shark_the_raptor Hello, Potion Seller.

    Hello. Welcome to the forums. Have a cookie! ^.-.^
  7. Defyie

    Defyie New Member

    why thank you! *noms cookie*
  8. DarkTalbain64

    DarkTalbain64 Buff and Evil.

    Welcome to FA Defyie, very nice fursona, hope you enjoy yourself here! *looks through belongings and hands you a steak*
  9. Kickapoo

    Kickapoo KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!

    Nice fursona, welcome to lots and lots of furriness! Kickapoo the fox at your service. *hands you a Krispy Kreme donut*
  10. Defyie

    Defyie New Member

    Aww! thanks guys!
    *noms all her fun new treats*

  11. Renton Whitetail

    Renton Whitetail Friendly Mod

    Hello, Defyie, and welcome to the FA forums. :cool: Feel free to leave me a PM if you need help with anything, or if you just want to start a nice, friendly chat. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)

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