Need a ride to FWA?

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Share' started by LouGarou92, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    I'm going to be driving from Birmingham to Atlanta on April 5 to attend FWA.
    I drive up I-20 East.
    If you're either in Bham, or along that route, and would like to carpool/need a ride, let me know! It's roughly a 2 hour drive and I would not mind the company! :)
    I have a smaller, older car, but it can probably fit a suit.
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  2. SamK

    SamK New Member

    I wish I was going. I wouldn't mind a free ride;)
  3. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    Hahaha...I wish you were too! I'd love to have someone to talk to!
    And I figure, I'll be going that way anyways -shrug-
  4. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    My husband and I are going. But we don't need a ride. Maybe we will see you there!
  5. Reena

    Reena New Member

    Hey do any of you have maybe an extra space in your hotel room that I could rent for the weekend? I would really like to not make a 45 minute drive one way and then again that night.
  6. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    Sorry, but no. I only have a ride to offer. :(
    45mins isn't all that bad, at least?

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