Need a ride to FWA?

Discussion in 'Room & Ride Share' started by LouGarou92, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    I'm going to be driving from Birmingham to Atlanta on April 5 to attend FWA.
    I drive up I-20 East.
    If you're either in Bham, or along that route, and would like to carpool/need a ride, let me know! It's roughly a 2 hour drive and I would not mind the company! :)
    I have a smaller, older car, but it can probably fit a suit.
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  2. SamK

    SamK New Member

    I wish I was going. I wouldn't mind a free ride;)
  3. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    Hahaha...I wish you were too! I'd love to have someone to talk to!
    And I figure, I'll be going that way anyways -shrug-
  4. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    My husband and I are going. But we don't need a ride. Maybe we will see you there!
  5. Reena

    Reena New Member

    Hey do any of you have maybe an extra space in your hotel room that I could rent for the weekend? I would really like to not make a 45 minute drive one way and then again that night.
  6. LouGarou92

    LouGarou92 Crafty Coyote

    Sorry, but no. I only have a ride to offer. :(
    45mins isn't all that bad, at least?

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