Need roommates quick!

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Share' started by Kelix, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Kelix

    Kelix New Member

    Hey folks, I haven't booked a room yet and the deadline's closing fast. Due to one reason or another (mostly mone) my usual friends I like to room with can't go and I've had no luck replacing them! If you're looking for roommates please contact me! Twitter (@Kelix_Malachite) or skype (Kelix_Malachite) are your best bet!

    No illegal drugs
    have a cell phone to contact
    Paypal ahead or Cash on site or no bed for you!

    Please contact me!
  2. Nataku

    Nataku Shapeshifting alien dragon

    Helps when you mention what coonvention this is for and what hotel you are booking in, as well the accomodations of the individual room you are looking at.
  3. TidesofFate

    TidesofFate Your friendly neighborhood Executioner

    So you want us to throw books at a room? We'll book it for you. No problem. :p
  4. MEDS

    MEDS Non-medicinal Foxicorn

    I'm assuming its for FAU. As for the room, I don't think he's gotten that far.

    Sorry, I can't help. Virginia is a bit far for me.

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