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    Looking co writer to help me get my muse back or be my muse. One of stories i’m working on is about a pair of twins who fall in love with each other but when one of servants finds out what is going on with the twins Mika and My’ka, his own secret desires to own Mica’s body and soul ( or just the body is still good too ). So salm starts to drug mica making him more compliant to his own suggestions and every desire.

    warning: mpreg , anthro , and everything is fair game i’m willing to try anything if I don’t like it i’ll say something about It.

    Grammer: so not my strong point

    The title of this work called Stockholm's syndrome and I really want to finish these books and maybe a comic with both of them

    Gravity will also need a muse so if anyone is into the long haul with both of these work I would love it thanks so much

    e-mail :

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