Net Neutrality Day of Action

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    A pretty good post that I found late yesterday which talks about the economics of net neutrality:

    Just saying, but neither of those statistics are correct - it's something more similar to 20-30%, of which most are from Britain and New Zealand.
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    you know i'm going to stop paying attention to you this was in the fucking news only a few days ago stop being a smart ass about everything
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    It's perhaps tasteless of me to respond to this given that it takes away from the thread, but...

    I looked at the statistics from the 'Australian Bureau of Statistics' and I could see that 60% and 80% were way too high, which is in-line with what I had initially thought since that seemed unrealistic. You may have misheard what the news said or something.

    Fact-checking isn't really being a smartass. False information can be pretty dangerous, so I think it's probably a good thing when it's debunked. This in mind, perhaps you should double-check your information before you cite it rather than get angry when others double-check it for you.
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    Trump's new appointment to head the FCC is heavily against Net Neutrality, and it should be noted that the Republicans have wanted to it gone for years. Things don't look very promising, all in all, now that more money than at any point in history, and by a wide margin, now controls Washington.
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    I kinda find the fact that y'all need a law like Net Neutrality pretty sad. Not the consumers' fault, but says some less than savory things about the US corporate climate. Likewise, even with NN you've got some pretty substantial issues with ISPs that ultimately fuck over consumers. Huge chunk of the US population can choose between 1-2 ISPs. I used to have something like 5-10 available to me through my residential fiber, if memory serves. More once my current contract is up, as the whole reason I got a new contract was for the side benefit of opening up to more available providers. And that's pretty normal for Sweden.
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    The US government sucks, to say it modestly. "American Freedom" is slowly becoming a thing of the past.
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    I agree with mungo here. I find the fact that you even NEED Net Neutrality laws in place to prevent ISP's and companies from fucking you over even more utterly moronic.

    Free Capitalism, HEALTHY Capitalism, only works when there is good competition going on, to compete for the best deal for the customer. ISP's can agree among themselves to figuratively "own" entire areas with no contest. They can do whatever the fuck they want inside those areas.

    America is not customer-focused unlike for instance Norway(Yeah, I know I am comparing Norway a lot, but quite frankly, I don't know that much about other countries. Sue me). It's company-focused. One of the reasons companies thrive but individuals often get fucked.
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