Sketchbook: Nettle's Art Dump

Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by Nettle, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Nettle

    Nettle New Member

    Hi folks! I'm new here - well, new-ish. De-lurking is more accurate. Getting back into furry/anthro art after a long hiatus and enjoying it.

    I'll be using this to post occasional WIPs and final art! Feedback and critiques welcome.

    Thanks for having a look! :B


    Nettle and Susie.

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  2. Nettle

    Nettle New Member

    And here's a couple more recent ones of Nettle cuz I've been working on her character lately.


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  3. Nettle

    Nettle New Member

    A handful of portraits for various FA users from the past couple weeks:



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  4. Nettle

    Nettle New Member

    Aaand a couple more recent ones.


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  5. Rykhoteth

    Rykhoteth Dancin' Robot

    You've captured this particular aesthetic I can't put my finger on but seem to remember from somewhere.

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