New Furry Title: Accidental Roommates

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Does this sound interesting to read?

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  1. Pypedreams

    Pypedreams Writer, editor, self-publisher

    So yeah, I've decided to write a furry themed novel focusing on my characters in my gallery.

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    Here's a brief synopsis:
    Rhys had always enjoyed his job at the Books & Beans coffee shop and bookstore. Always studious and extremely introverted, Rhys kept to himself and enjoyed his books both reading and writing them. Content to be alone despite the numerous advances of guys interested in getting into his pants because of how pretty he is.

    Enter Jax, an overly flirtatious purple cat with an affinity for luring multiple lovers into his bed. Jax is quite the catch to both me and women (male preference). He is also quite the Dom.

    When their worlds collide, Jax is nothing short of frontal in his advances on Rhys, beginning when they meet at Rhys' job.
    The problem is that Rhys, though he is attracted to Jax is battling the damage from a prior relationship and is less than appreciative of Jax's overly flirtatious nature.

    Jax is hiding a dark secret. He is a demon that feeds on the sexual energy of his lovers to stay in control of his powers. His black collar is the only restraint against his dark nature. He desires Rhys but does not wish to use him as a source of energy.

    Things get more complicated when Rhys looks for a roommate after his parents decide to move. He is more than surprised to learn just who his roommate is. The very cat he's been trying to avoid and refuse the advances of.

    Can Rhys cope with the feelings he's developing for Jax while trying to avoid becoming another one of the snazzy cat's forsaken lovers? Will Jax be able to satiate his dark need as he tries to win the heart of the pretty kitty he met at his favorite coffee shop?

    Does this sound like something interesting to read?
  2. Pypedreams

    Pypedreams Writer, editor, self-publisher

    Chapter one will be uploaded next week with monochrome artwork with the full intent to publish.

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