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  1. Mr. Fox

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    Don't know about anyone else but if I can get something done a lot more easily I'm a lot more happier as a result.
  2. FluffyShutterbug

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    We live in an era where we're allowed to live our dreams and love who we wish. People didn't always have that luxury.
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  3. LoneWolfy

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    When you play video games, what difficulty you usually pick up?
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  4. -..Legacy..-

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    That's not relative.

    Setting difficulty at will, is not the random challenges life can throw your way. It still doesn't relate to nihilism.
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  6. FluffyShutterbug

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    I was actually going to say something along the same lines. What does a leisure/hobby have to do with legitimate real-life issues?
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  7. Crimcyan

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    The only real meaning of life is just green pieces of paper that some guy who thinks they're the most important person said those papers are worth something. Its up to you if you want to make a meaning of life out of those papers.
    Money is pretty much why most people have a meaning for life. Hell if money wasn't involved in life I wouldn't be going to school
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  8. LoneWolfy

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    I'm sorry, I must sound stupid.
  9. FluffyShutterbug

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    No, no... Just because we didn't agree with what you said doesn't mean we think you sounded stupid.
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  10. Telnac

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    I’m pretty much the opposite of a nihilist. Even before I was a Christian I believed life had a purpose to it and I made it my lifelong goal to find that purpose.
  11. Mr. Fox

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    Having a different belief doesn't make you stupid, but if it's any consolation there is some merit to nihilism. I, for one, believe that life only has purpose and meaning if given it; anything less is existing and doesn't make for a very good quality of life.
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  12. Diretooth

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    I'm a Dire Wolf Therianthrope, it is perfectly reasonable for me to believe that my spirit is that of a wolf trapped in a Human shell, most of my posts in this thread has been an exploration of what I understand and believe, exploring life from a perspective different from my typical one. Compared to literally everyone here, I could be stupid, or crazy, or otherwise strange; and perhaps I am all of those, or perhaps I am none of those.
    You are, from my perception, a being who is seeking, searching, not only for information, but meaning, perhaps even for some small measure of kinship with strangers. You are no less stupid for your understanding and experiences from a nihilistic standpoint than I am for experiencing my daily life from the altered perspective of a wolf. I am not a nihilist, at least, I do not consider myself one, but I have a nihilistic appreciation for my existence. My words, my actions, they shape the lives of those around me, and I can just as easily destroy a life as save it, just by a thoughtless moment, or a thoughtful action.
    I do good not because I desire a pleasant afterlife, nor because I fear reprisal for my actions. I do good in this world because being good feels good, because watching my actions bring a positive effect in another person's life gives my life happiness and meaning.
  13. Fuzzylumkin

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    we believe in nusskink lebowski!!
  14. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

    Sounds pretty boring me...
  15. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

    Billions of years of evolution, Thousands of years of mankind. We are surrounded by so many other planets that we cant even tell how many. History, Art, Science, philosophy,
    people that died for a greater cause, people who we still remember even to this day. People that shaped the world, like it shaped us. I will never believe that all of this has no meaning.
  16. LoneWolfy

    LoneWolfy is Emotional

  17. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Anyone else find the irony of this thread?
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  18. Scales42

    Scales42 MLG Snake

    Oh look! A one sided video specifically made to get a specific reaction from people.
    Surprisingly enough this works the other way around too, doesnt change anything though.
  19. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    I believe there is no point to life, other than what you make it to be.
    No higher power, no lower cause. We just are, make use of it.
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  20. connortheskunk

    connortheskunk definitely did not look at yiff last night.

    Your signature made me read that entire website (except for most of the emails bit because it was too long). I laughed so hard at some of the claims he made. What I don't understand is why anyone would take the time to make a hate website as detailed as that. Wow... just wow... :mad:
  21. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    So long as you can find a use for believing in something that has no inherent value otherwise, such as the fictions of money, nations, gods, or human rights, it need not matter what you make of the world but that you make something of it.
  22. I feel many people just jump into Comfortable Nihilism or closer to Existential Nihilism; that is to say, they believe nothing has meaning and proclaiming such, at the same time assigning meaning when convinent.

    Is pain meaningless? It's easy to say so while you're not in pain.

    Is human value meaningless? Its easy to say while you're assigning value to your own life.

    Let's not forget the famous Death of God quote by Nietzsche. It wasn't triumphant. It was a mournful quote. "God is dead. God remains dead, and we have killed Him. How can we forgive ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?"

    Nietzsche believed, from what I grasp, that the Death of God would bring about a nihilistic approach to the State. Something would have to replace God as the ultimate value structure. While we figure out how to replace God, he knew we would commit all sorts of unholy crimes against humanity. Totalitarianism.

    So no, I'm not a fan of Nihilism. I believe we need to, in some way, revive God in our society, and to establish that transcendent value, so that the State doesn't do so for us. God is above the State; if God is removed, what keeps the State in check but what is merely our own preferences?

    Note that I do not refer to God literally. I mean the idea of God. The idea of God is that there is a transcendent value above the State and governs all.
  23. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

    It turns out there's no middle ground between good and evil, and the world around us demonstrates how. Nihilism is a depraved rejection of moral absolutes. It's actually used today as part of a conspiracy by evil to subvert the good to indifference, which is basically just "evil lite" in functional pragmatic actual world results. I'm not actually sure if Nietzsche was a depraved loser or if it's more fair to say that his ideas were simply stolen and abused by the degenerate after the fact, but either way, I wish that he hadn't been embraced by fascists and immoral capitalists looking to turn the tables on wholesome things that were obstacles to implementing their wicked and depraved evil vision for the world.
  24. Diretooth

    Diretooth Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope

    There is always a middle ground, there isn't strictly black and white, there are shades of gray between what is good and what is evil, not only that, but there are different versions of good and evil with different religious groups, as well as atheists. There can be compromise and neutrality, it is healthy as a human to not take sides when it does not matter, otherwise you, and this is the general you, in seeking only to be good with no deviation, become another form of evil. Great harm can result in the best intentions, indeed, the phrase' the road to hell is paved with good intentions' exemplifies this.
    For instance, I could with good intentions give someone who experiences intense chronic medicine. I could be completely certified and able to give them the ability to obtain this medicine, but inadvertently give them a crippling addiction. This is the absolute good, where my ability, knowledge, and intentions all point toward me bettering someone's life, but instead ruining it. Similarly, if I am seeking the absolute good, believing there is only the absolutes, rejecting the notion of the shades of gray, I then risk becoming in my quest for the absolute good, a complete monster who kills evil in all of its forms.
    If nihilism is the rejection of moral absolutes, then what you profess as better, even if you mean it as a means of the exploration of morality, can be just as dangerous because there can be no deviation, all that is not the absolute good in turn becomes the absolute evil. To steal would be the same as to murder, to lie would become the same as rape, and in pursuing the virtues of absolute honesty, of absolute piety to the concept of the absolute good, we risk stagnation, we risk totalitarian ideals.
    In life, we must know that life is not done in absolutes, but we must also be discerning in our actions, in knowing when the dark is not evil, and knowing when the light is not good. We must discern whether a death is done in mercy or a death is done in justiceless vengeance; we must discern when an attempt to heal brings adequate relief, or when it brings greater pain. This is what the gray is, this is what compromise is, not strict neutrality, that is an absolute much as pure good or pure evil. It is not seeing two sides and saying, "I am neutral, this does not affect me." It is seeing two sides, seeing the problems inherent in both, and saying, "Is it better to be a lighter shade of gray, or the darker shade? Is it better for all people if I choose one side over the other?" It is being able to ask yourself these questions and then deciding. The greater evil does not lie in the black or the white, it lies in the rejection of choice for the sake of neutrality, it lies in refusing to speak up when your voice is needed, and it lies in refusing to speak harm when forced.
    When we reject the absolutes of good, evil, and neutrality, when we work toward the betterment of all people, even if our actions would be evil in the eyes of the absolute good, we do a greater good than if we aspire to the absolute good.
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  25. There aren't different versions of good and evil. Good and evil don't change. People do. And people are manipulative. So are societies. We don't create morals or ethics; we discover them.

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