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Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Daniel Kay, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Daniel Kay

    Daniel Kay Scalie love

    Got the idea from the "anthro dragons" thread... I don't really need to explain i guess, point is in most games scalies are portrayed as evil (and sadly not even in games, pick any kind of fiction and wham)... what always pissed me off was when people recomend a game to me saying "hey you like dragons, this one has dragons in it" "really, cool, what can you do with them" "well you kill them... but it HAS dragons in it"... yea great point...

    But there are a few exceptions... well operative word on FEW, so i wanted to ask around do you know any where scalies (dragons/lizzies/snakes...) are NOT shown as evil? But maybe leave out the "pet" kind as it would pretty much only be a "dumb trained lizard" or something like that.

    We can start the list with Morrowind and Argonians... yea i say morrowind, in oblivion they where plain out butcherd
  2. lupinealchemist

    lupinealchemist Hamburger time.

    Breath of Fire series, excluding Dragon Quarter because it's condemned DNA gameplay makes the game almost impossible to reach the end without dying from the gauge reaching 100%.
  3. WolfoxOkamichan

    WolfoxOkamichan Luffs Buff Wuffs

    Suikoden 3. Heck, there's even a doujin porn of the two lizard characters there.
  4. Stratelier

    Stratelier Well-Known Member

    "Almost" impossible? Bah, you just need to work on your tactics. Granted, these are tough foes and there are no "Cure" spells. Stealing "Crimson Raid" off of Tranta (the sole skill with healing ability) is no walk in the park either. I do, however, remember beating the first boss in the game (one-on-one Ryu vs. Cyclops) without taking a single hit, and the single best combo in the game (IMO) is Ryu + Fire Blade + Bladesmack (or Lin + FlameBlaster + Go On!) against the mealworms to always acquire the best healing items from them. (For the record, Go on! + Kidding! enables Lin to instant-KO various enemies). If you get a Game Over, don't bother trying to SOL Restore, just SOL Restart so you can keep your better weapons & rack up better XP faster. Abuse "Hex" like crazy, make the Rafflesias level-up before killing them, stuff like that. And the "Soul" class shields are about the best defense ever (defense increases with lower HP).
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  5. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha It's what's for dinner

    You can ride dragons in Fire Emblem... I think you can turn into one in Altered Beast, I can't remember. Then there's Yoshi's Island
  6. Shànwàng

    Shànwàng Lavender Scented

    I once played a game starring a diabetic dinosaur and you had to eat certain foods and take injections depending on your blood sugar levels, etc. But that guy sucked furiously.

    In the game Bat Rider you could choose a couple of anthromorphic dragons as your fighter. The game is a schmup so you if you're into that you might check it out.

    Of course, no one's mentioned the Spyro series yet, of course I'm fairly certain there might be some evil dragons in the game.
  7. Kajet

    Kajet Active Member

    Spyro... well if i recall right the first three don't have evil dragons (and probably cost less than $5 nowadays)

    Gex: enter the gecko; pretty much Mario 64 on playstation, with more levels but i think the entire series has gone under by now

    Soul Caliber has a scalie but I don't remember what one has him as playable...
  8. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha It's what's for dinner

    He's an extra character in Soul Calibur 2 but he's one of the main characters in Soul Calibur 3
  9. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    Shining Force series, you can recruit dragons and such into your team. (The older ones anyway, at least. Not sure about the newer ones, like Neo)
  10. LizardKing

    LizardKing Guest

    Is he playable in SC2?

    Also this thread is relevant to my interests.
  11. kitetsu

    kitetsu pissy esoteric

    Lizardman has been playable since SC3 and has returned for SC4.
  12. WolfoxOkamichan

    WolfoxOkamichan Luffs Buff Wuffs

    Shining Wind and Tears have dragonmen.

    There are vertical shmups with playable dragons too.
  13. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Exile 2 and 3 have a race of playable lizards called the Slithzerikai, who are somewhat good (though there are evil tribes of them here and there). And the dragons in those games are actually more a neutral stance, as they're just too awesome to even care about humanity.

    Hint: don't fekking use your dragon powers so much, and this won't be a problem. The gauge goes up incredibly slowly on its own.

    Edit: oh yeah, and Chrono Cross has a character you can use named Draggy, who's a baby dragon. If that counts.
  14. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha It's what's for dinner

    He is playable in SC2 but only in extra mode
  15. lupinealchemist

    lupinealchemist Hamburger time.

    This also makes level grinding very difficult and some enemies kill you in one hit if you don't morph.
  16. Jonas-Shifu

    Jonas-Shifu Satire writer

    I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am. ^.=.^
  17. Tabr

    Tabr Marauding Meerkat Miscreant

    The old MMO Horizons let you create a full blown dragon as a character. Was pretty cool, shame the game stinks so much in other areas.

    Sadly, people in general hate reptiles. They view them as dumb, cold blooded beasts that are good for nothing but killing. Its a view thats been with humanity for ages and until it changes, you won't see all too many scaled protagonists in the mainstream.
  18. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    Yeah. I'd love to see a dragon as the protagonist in a game that didn't suck (even the "Legend of Spyro" games blow)
  19. Daniel Kay

    Daniel Kay Scalie love

    I hear you on that one, i miss the classic spyro games

    And yea i´d love to have a dragon or lizzy as a main chaacter and not just be some "freaky side attraction"
  20. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Eh... I don't remember having that problem. It is a pretty tough game, though, I'll give you that. Mostly I don't like how rare save points are, and the fact that you need a special kind of rare token to use them. I don't know what the developers were thinking there.

    Basically, yeah. : )

    As for the OP, you know, there's always Prince Tricky from Star Fox Adventures. *shoots self in head*

    Two words: Bubble Bobble.
  21. Drakeclaw

    Drakeclaw I'm the Pikabunny boy

    Scalies in games... Evil and all that... The 'Dungeons and Dragons' creatures, any scaly is treated as evil. Old 'Deekin the Kobold' from 'Neverwinter' games was one of the few good scalies I have seen in any game for a good long while.

    Evil to me isn't true realy since people who are 'evil' see themselves as right and others wrong, hence making them good in their view.

    I know how people hate scalies, saying they are 'Creepy' and 'Scary'.
  22. Daniel Kay

    Daniel Kay Scalie love

    Yea but that slipped into the ultra sickening cute department, i actually ment something not that über-cute... spyro is hard on the edge of too cute but kinda safed as he can look "dangerous"

    Yea... sadly Zelda is no exception so far... Dragons -> evil, kill them... Lizards -> evil, kill them... hell even though lizards in Zelda seem quite intelligent, they craft their own weapons and armor after all, they´re treated like gunfooders
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  23. Shànwàng

    Shànwàng Lavender Scented

    Lizards could be mercenaries for hire. I'm fairly certain that 98% of the bestial races in Zelda get the short end of the stick.
  24. Thorne

    Thorne Yourfaceyourfaceyourface

    World of warcraft. You can have dragons as mounts, and befriend dragon factions.
  25. Kirbizard

    Kirbizard Kamikaze Kirby

    That's what upset me about Lizardman in SC2. I spent ages playing through the Weapon Master mode to unlock him, only to find out he can only be used in a limited number of modes... <(v-v)>
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