NONE "evil" scalies in games

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by Daniel Kay, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. SFox

    SFox Member

    Grinding should be done by farming bosses for party exp through SOL restore. Doing a SOL restore resets your D-Counter to what it was for the last save you made, but allows you to keep the party exp you gained defeating the boss.

    Anyway, you shouldn't even need to grind much in the game except to make money. If you use good strategies you shouldn't have trouble completing the game without excessive transforming.
  2. Stratelier

    Stratelier Active Member

    Just make sure to stash all non-expendable items in storage before going out on an SOL.

    And yes, in Dragon Quarter you lived or died (and frequently, both) by your strategies/tactics going into a battle.
  3. LordWibble

    LordWibble Member

    You could try Lair...

  4. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    -AHEM!!!-....Purple dragon? Now owned by Sierra Entertainment? SPYRO! XD

    But what is this new game? I have a Wii (Am talking with it) and I must know!!! >.<
  5. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    Except that Spyro really hasn't had a good game since Year of the Dragon (well, A Hero's Tale was okay).
  6. Kajet

    Kajet Active Member

    IIRC Year of the Dragon wasn't exactly the best either... seemed to go on too long without any story progression. (or was that enter the dragonfly?)
  7. Stratelier

    Stratelier Active Member

    Hero's Tail was a good game for 2002. Unfortunately, the year was 2004.
  8. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    Probably ETD...
  9. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    That new TLoS is actually fun, considering I'm a guy who loves his fighting games. >.>;

    It has that "Arcade-y" feel to it, in my opinion that I love.
  10. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    Two words: BUTTON MASHER.
  11. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    I can sum up why I like it in four words: "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!"

    'Cides, my best fighting game is Soul Calibur III, a button masher's nightmare. I'll even try to post a video of my skills on youtube, just for you. T_T
  12. fruitcake

    fruitcake Eudyptula minor

    The reptilian race in The Elder Scrolls series of games aren't evil (well, I'm sure some of them are, but they're not uniformly evil). They're called Argonians.
  13. Suntiger

    Suntiger Member

    Let's see...
    Isn't there a lizard species called Iksar in Evercrack?
    I haven't played it myself, but I read a webcomic that is loosely based on the game world and which has a lizard/Iksar as one of the main characters.

    There's also Arokh, the dragon from the Drakan games.

    Drakan - Order of the Flame (pretty old by now, so the graphics are dated. I thought it had good control though, and it featured aerial combat as well as ground combat).

    Drakan - Ancients' Gates (which I never got past level 2 on, because my PS2 was stolen :( )
  14. Stratelier

    Stratelier Active Member

    Yes, EQ had men wearing lizard costumes. And with tails superimposed atop their leg armor.
  15. Daniel Kay

    Daniel Kay Scalie love

    Must have been the same from Oblivion
  16. Suntiger

    Suntiger Member

    The tail animations were better in Oblivion than Morrowind (even though they used the same for both argonians and khajiit), but I agree that the made the Oblivion argonians way too mammalian.

    It was because they used only one skeleton to make all the races and both genders, making the khajiit and argonians too mamalian and the females very mannish.
    Even female fitness competitors and bodybuilders doesn't look male in terms of skeletal build and muscle composition.

    Oh well, the problem has been adjusted via mods by now.
    You can get females that look more feminine and argonians with proper beast legs.
    Khajiit too I think, though their lore actually supports a more human-looking sub-species.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2008
  17. Daniel Kay

    Daniel Kay Scalie love

    Ohhh care to link to those mods? :)

    EDIT: yea havent really kept track of Oblivion for a while now, lost interest and couldnt really get it back
  18. Drakkenmensch

    Drakkenmensch Member

    Spyro makes me want to cry, honestly. How many times is that guy going to forget how to breathe fire just so he can re-learn it as a power-up?
  19. Norin

    Norin New Member

    There is an MMO called Horizons where you could play as a dragon... but it wasn't very anthro
  20. Ty Vulpine

    Ty Vulpine Banned

    There's "Reign of Fire" where you play against a horde of dragons (based on the movie of the same name) but it's a crappy game.
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