NONE "evil" scalies in games

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by Daniel Kay, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Suntiger

    Suntiger Member

    For Oblivion argonians specifically:
    (Lists many good mods in the Readme)
    (Argonian feet)
    (Slof's better beasts (might not be available at the moment))
    (Morrowind-style argonians, head only)

    There's actually a mod that adds a khajiit race (felidae of Nirn IIRC) that removes the breasts for the females (or rather, gives them flat chests), but for some reason this has not yet been made for the argonians, as far as I know.

    To get females to look more feminine, look for Fantasy Figures (TFF or UFF), Exnem, HGEC or BAB.
    There's also Robert's Seamless Male which gives they guys a huge improvement as well.
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  2. Werevixen

    Werevixen This is my new rapeface.

    Argonians from The Elder Scrolls, if they have not yet been mentioned.

    Editting, because I posted from page 1, and didn't see the damn post above mine. :/
  3. Stratelier

    Stratelier Active Member

    Screenshots help sell mods, too.
  4. Suntiger

    Suntiger Member

    There are screenshots available on the pages in all those links except the argonian feet.
    Was harder than I thought to find a picture of them actually, but here is one:

    Be aware that these may not be the same feet as those in the previous link.
    These are made (or adjusted) by the same guy who makes the 'Argonian beautification' mod.
    Site here:

    He's working on making it so you can use boots with the legs.
    I'm not sure, but I think the mod I linked to previously either make you unable to wear boots, or you can use boots but it makes the legs revert to the mammal default all the races use.
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  5. Tim-kun

    Tim-kun Dr. Tim Pridell

    well um.. there's reign of fire for the ps2 ( yeah, lame old system) because you can play AS the dragon... but the catch is you also play as a human at points .. and it pretty muc htakes you back to the problem of having to slay them... *cries*
  6. Neothumper

    Neothumper Thumps

    does Croc Count? (Ps1)
  7. Neothumper

    Neothumper Thumps

    Bubble & bobble =3
  8. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha It's what's for dinner

  9. Stratelier

    Stratelier Active Member

    Crocodile + protagonist = Dunno. First Croc was an okay game (aside from the loading sequences between every room), secret levels were insanely tough, but it's easy to tell that Croc is more or less an imitation of Mario 64.
  10. Tiarhlu

    Tiarhlu AKA Tack

    Final Fantasy XII has the bangaas, and most aren't portrayed as bad. Unfortunately you can't really play as one, which is my only major gripe with the game. I think it's the first time since FFV that all party members are human, and no, Fran doesn't count as not human. You do get to play as bangaas in the FF Tactics gameboy versions.
  11. cocla

    cocla New Member

    The elder scrolls, Morrowind and Oblivion have Argonians (lizard people) (and Kajeits [sp?] cat people) as the race you can choose. Though its a well known game so that is probably no help. Except Lair for the PS3 where you can ride dragons Im also drawing a blank.

    This bugs me to, why are we almost always evil in games?
  12. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    Crappy? More like craptacular. It took fifty million bullets to kill one dragon! Not to mention, I played it on the gamecube so you can imagine how hard it was...
  13. cocla

    cocla New Member

    Oh, almost forgot. Bioware is making a new game called Dragon Age. No real info on it yet, but generally they make good games so I have high hopes.
  14. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    Is that the mysterious Wii title I keep hearing about?
  15. Sift

    Sift Member

    Lost Vikings.
  16. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    ....................................What?! Where did that come from? >=o
  17. Kirbizard

    Kirbizard Kamikaze Kirby

    Never heard of it. <(o_o)>

  18. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    I just wiki searched it. It's an RPG. I don't have time or commitment for those...
  19. Kirbizard

    Kirbizard Kamikaze Kirby

    Doesn't look sound like my kind of game either.
    It's supposed to be a 'spiritual successor' to Baldur's Gate; that never took my attention in the first place... <(v_v)>

    Well, the game's got a groovy name anyway. XD
  20. Project_X

    Project_X Active Member

    Yeah..gotta give 'em props on the name. X3
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