Sketchbook: Nose-Bird's WIP Sketchbook

Discussion in 'Art & Illustration' started by Riley (TGS), Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Vance the Gryphon!

    Your sketches are so well done! Expect commissions from me in the future... ;)
  2. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    You flatter me, I swear! I'd love to work for you. On another note, I hope to get to your request eventually ;;;;;;
  3. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Put flat colors down on Reika's icon...still have a little more to do with the inking and the highlighting, then the shading and background. Glad I started over, I look at the WIPs from the old one and it was just...terribly, terribly overworked. I'm actually happy with how this is turning out.

    If anyone else is interested in an icon, they're $8 for now, pay upon completion. :3

  4. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Something a little different from what I've been posting; this is a WIP of a gift-badge for my very good friend Amy (another amazing artist, she's badkittyamy on FA if you want to check her out; you won't regret it!)

    My main background is in traditional tattooing; I apprenticed under a wonderful artist who got his traning from a student of Permanent Mark; I decided that I wanted to do a series of badges for friends featuring their characters recreating a lot of popular designs; heads on daggers, simplified faces surrounded by roses, Sailor Jerry-esque pinups, etc. Amy's character Nova is the first. I love rottweilers and fu-dogs so it seemed only natural to choose her as a guinea pig.

    As usual, I'm nowhere near close to done. I've started so many things lately that I don't even know what to finish at the moment...or whether I just want to do something new. 9__6

  5. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Making headway on the mini-portrait for my friend Billy.

  6. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Been on an art-kick today, but still haven't been able to finish a single thing since I got my Wacom.

    A doodle I started for Falcon McCooper, because his character is a total babe...and I usually don't say that about anthros.

  7. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    A doodle brought on by boredom; this is Douggy Dupre, my Cajun rooster (golden laced wynadotte to be exact.) He's a former streetfighter turned cook who lives on a houseboat.

  8. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Just dumping some progress on the Blondie/Tupper McGill thing I'm working on. Almost done with inks, need a bit more small detail and then I have to add the speech bubbles. I have a lot of fun with small scenes like this.

  9. Riley (TGS)

    Riley (TGS) A Beak With Eyes Who Draws.

    Progress on a fox YCH which didn't sell that I decided to keep. fJFrMUS_d_mh1494460124564.jpg

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