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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Sariia, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Sariia

    Sariia Member

    Is there any kind of rule against this? I've noticed one or two users who will literally go through every single submission on the front page for like, hours (i think they have a bot that auto does it?) then within a few minutes, immediately deletes the favorite. I can tell I'm not the only one this happens to, because when I check their page, there are dozens of people who go and thank them for that favorite, but I'm sure theirs is deleted almost immediately too

    I mean, props for getting traffic to your page, but the automated spam to do so just seems really sketchy.
  2. Uluri

    Uluri Lord of Potatoes

    Codeof Conduct 3.4 Do Not Spam: "This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with unsolicited ads or information (e.g. beware content), posting content that is nonsensical and/or unnecessarily long or page breaking, or making incessant comments at others."

    There's nothing on "Fav Spamming" in the spam section. I'd certainly be afraid of a rule like that since I only go through my favs maybe every two weeks with hundreds of art to go through. I also go through artists galleries who I just find and fav all of their art I really like as well. A "Don't fav too much art or else" rule could probably be abused really easily. I've seen a lot of folks who wanted to report users because they faved like, 10 thing in their gallery when they found them.

    Perhaps because it is suspicious behavior and what you suspected bot account you could always send in a report. Some bots that do mass whatever might be breaking under the "Terms of Service" of one of those 'do not negativity impact the site services" So if it would be something with potential to slow the site down...????

    (Or ask the account? If that's also an option. XD Can Bots respond to notes?)
  3. Sariia

    Sariia Member

    See, I think it's a little different that you go through certain artist's galleries that you like and favorite their work!

    But this is a little different, because it's someone that sits on the front page or has a bot sit on their front page and automatically favorites any content that's posted, and deletes it almost immediately afterwards. It's mostly an attention grabber to make people go to that person's page to thank them for the favorite, just because it was posted on the front page o.o I don't think they're actually interested in anyone's art because they delete it almost immediately.
  4. Ciderfine

    Ciderfine Slow as sickness but true as sap

    I've seen someone get punished for doing that, yeah its spam but sadly today where gonna see more spam.
  5. Sariia

    Sariia Member

    How would I file a report on this then? Because I'm really tired of getting a new notification immediately of this person constantly liking and unliking my work in the brief moments they're posted :C
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  6. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    I have seen one cat like that. Has like 8 submissions, 25k page views, thousands of comments in, almost none going out. Fave/delete account.

    Makes you wonder if they are selling "popular" accounts like games.
  7. Ciderfine

    Ciderfine Slow as sickness but true as sap

    Very easy, open up a trouble ticket and chose what category it falls under and explain whats happening. Go to your "MY FA" tab and at the bottom you'll see report a problem! Im sure that counts as harassment and spamming as well, as well as rude behavior so you have a case.

    Happy hunting!
  8. creamlapine

    creamlapine Member

    I have something slightly different than that, I constantly get told I have submission notifications, but almost always when I check it out there is less than it says. Like it will say "10s" for ten submissions, but when I look there might only be 7 and it says 3 were deleted.

    The issue there is, why bother telling me about them if they were deleted and I cant view them anyway. And also, if there was only one submission and that was deleted then there is no way to remove the notification because it just tells me that there is no notifications.
  9. Sariia

    Sariia Member

    Alright, I've opened a ticket so we'll figure out what the admin/mod opinion on this one is. And yeah, Legacy, this is a really similar situation. Less than 30 submissions but over 25k pageviews and they have thousands of comments of 'thank you for the fave' but don't actually have anything showing in their favorites.

    And I'm not sure that issue is relevant here, Cream, since this issue is people purposefully favoriting content and deleting it to boost their own page views instead of tidying up their favorites normally. You may want to make a separate thread.
  10. Uluri

    Uluri Lord of Potatoes

    If there are notifications you can't see, and you are out of sfw mode, then you have "Ghost Submissions". To get rid of them, you need to "Select all" submissions when you do have visible ones and then click "Remove All" button. DO NOT nuke the gallery. That will fix the ghost submissions.
  11. creamlapine

    creamlapine Member

    I know, its similar though since its caused by people submitting something to cause a notification then deleting it
    Yeah, I found that out. But it happens constantly, really shouldn't be even telling me if there are submissions that have been deleted before I refreshed the page...
  12. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Well-Known Member

    Actually, no, if the number in the header and the number of submissions in your inbox don't match, it'll be one of two things:
    1. You've got SFW mode on (the green button) which is hiding some of the submissions in your inbox
    2. At some point, typically in connection to a nuke, your counter got out of sync

    If someone removes a submission before you can view it, that should not to the best of my knowledge cause ghost submissions in your counters. Just manually remove some submission notifications, and if that doesn't resync your counters properly, file a ticket so a staff member can force sync them for you.

    If you know who the user is, you can block them and that will prevent them from faving any more of your work.
  13. creamlapine

    creamlapine Member

    If its just 1 submission though then I cant remove it because clicking the submission number just says "No Submissions" And I am not on SFW mode. I've also never used Nuke.

    Basically if say I have 10s listed at the top for 10 submissions, and I click it and go there and only 7 show, it will say below it "3 submissions have been deleted and will be removed when you click remove." Which is what happens, but if there aren't any real submissions then I cant click remove or nuke or anything. I'll take a screenshot next time it happens so I can show what I mean.

    I just don't understand why it would bother showing the submissions that have already been deleted.
  14. Sariia

    Sariia Member

    It's just a feature of the site. If you want to suggest that they change it, I really suggest making a thread for it instead of hijacking one that has a completely different topic. Your issue is with a technical feature of alerts from people you follow, it has nothing to do with my question/topic. :/
  15. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Well-Known Member

    Oh, I see, that's not the problem I thought you were having, then. Showing you the "x submissions have been deleted and will be removed when you click remove" thing is a side effect of how notifications work, basically.

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