Official Fursuit Help Thread (For those looking to make or looking to buy)

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  1. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    *Re posting and now maintaining with Skift's okay.*

    After noticing some of the same questions being asked over and over here, I decided to make this little reference thread for those wishing to build or purchase a suit.

    So here are the subjects often covered:

    Fursuit Makers (If you want yourself up there as a maker you need to have examples first, the link to the site needs to have examples of your work. Otherwise it is not being put up.)
    Furry Auction sites (To buy or sell furry related things.)
    Review and Beware sites.

    Furry Auction sites:
    The Dealer's Den

    Tutorials/general help:
    Basically your need-to-see fursuit making guide.

    Fursuit Assist (DA Fursuit Tutorial group)
    Fursuit Auctions (Lj Comunity)
    Honest Fursuit Critique (Lj Community)
    Fursuit LJ community
    Fursuit making Wiki
    Matrices's tutorials here.

    (Fur in the U.S.A.)
    Blue Moon Fabrics
    CR's Crafts
    Fabric Empire (Shag is the same as DF)
    Cali Fabrics
    Carol's Zoo
    Denver Fabrics
    Distinctive Fabrics
    Fabric Depot (do a search on "fur")
    Fake Faux Fur Fabric
    Faux Paw Furs
    Im Stuffed Fur
    InteriorMall Faux Fur (search for "PROMO SHAG")
    Minky Furs (Shag is same as DF)
    Monterey Mills
    NFT Fur (has 4-way stretch, very expensive!)
    Photo Prop Floors & Backdrop Faux Fur
    Plush Furs
    Premium Fur
    Shannon Fabrics
    SyFabrics (do search on "fur", or "shaggy" its the same as DF)
    The Theatre House (search for FUR)
    USAKnit (reseller of Monterey Mills)
    Vogue Fabrics
    White Wolf's sells Fur

    MacDonald Faber-Canada
    Wexler Textiles-Canada

    All Textiles - UK
    Cowper & Tordoff - UK
    CraftFabrics by JohnPaul UK
    FauxThrow UK
    Mandor's - UK
    MohairBearMaking Supplies - UK
    Peacock Fibres - UK
    QuickFabrics UK
    The Fabric Place UK

    INTERNATIONAL Fur sellers
    Bartfeld Textiles - Australia
    Beary Cheap - Australia

    Home of Poi - New Zealand
    Laval's - Australia
    Life Sell - Germany

    Teeth, Claws, Eyes, Foam Etc.
    Taxidermy jawsets/eyes
    Plastic claws.

    Fursuit Makers:
    Bladespark Costumes
    Don't Hug Cacti
    Eddies Critters
    Lion of the Sun
    Mixed Candy
    (Gallery) OneFurAll
    ~(Prices) OneFurAll
    ~(Prices) Prefur
    SkahllyBir Realistic Yearn Tails
    Trpdwarf's Suits
    Artslave's RAWRsuits

    Fursuit Review (Furry Costume Reports)
    Artists_Beware (Commissioner & Artist, Warning & Kudos Community [For all forms of art.])

    If you have anything to add, either PM me or post here with your link and category it goes in.
    Adding as I go, please be patient.
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  2. Tiger In A Tie

    Tiger In A Tie Say what now?

  3. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    Sure. Is one a more updated link than the other?
    Or shall I provide both?
  4. Fay V

    Fay V Lost to this world

    both, one is their FA, the other their commission site with prices.
  5. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    Thank you.
  6. WingDog

    WingDog Member

    you should put up
  7. Kitutal

    Kitutal cute newbie kitten

    Looking around and, I know i'm new and all but, might it make sense to model some parts in clay or something beforehand, so you can get the shape just right and refer back to it? I haven't seen that suggested anywhere yet. It's an idea I'm hoping to use for... another project I'm not supposed to discuss here.
  8. Athenai

    Athenai I like trains.

  9. Lunar

    Lunar Son of a WHORE!

    Would it be a good idea to use floral foam blocks for the mask and file them down to fit the right shape?
  10. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    Not a good idea. Floral blocks are brittle to the touch, you will just end up with a mess if you even tried with them.
  11. Lunar

    Lunar Son of a WHORE!

    Oh... well, um... I clicked the link that was posted for a foam website, and I'm not sure what kind of foam would work best for shaping with a balaclava.
  12. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    If you have a Joanns, Walmart, or Hancock Fabrics store nearby many people buy their upholstery foam (which comes in green and white) there.

    Using the link the foam they have is here.
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  13. Lunar

    Lunar Son of a WHORE!

    Okay, one last stupid question: For shoulder-length gloves and knee-length feet-hooves (and the fur needed for the tail and head, of course), how many yards of fabric would I probably need to buy? (60" x 24")
  14. Fay V

    Fay V Lost to this world

    your best bet is to buy some really cheap cloth. Cut, quicksew,and tailor to fit then use that as a pattern you'll know the size you need. Buy s bit more than you need incase you make a mistake
  15. Lunar

    Lunar Son of a WHORE!

    Okay; my friend and I are gonna go look at some fabrics and furs at Hancock later. And I lied, THIS is the last dumb question. Is there a type of foam I can use for carving? Like to make hooves: could I use some sort of carving foam for the shape, cover them in leather, and then tack something to the bottom of the shoe to make a "clop" sound?
  16. Calico-Feathers

    Calico-Feathers Climbin' in yo windows.

    The foam you'll want to use for carving is going to be a high-density foam, sold under brands like Airtex. You can find it in varying sizes and thicknesses at anywhere from WalMart to hobby stores (JoAnne's, Hancock, Hobby Lobby) or online. That's certainly one way you can go about making hooves. Or you can order some that are pre-maid like from Monoyasha (
  17. Lunar

    Lunar Son of a WHORE!

    Awesome. Thanks. :3
  18. Bornes

    Bornes Hobby Costume Wearer

    If it hasn't been suggested already, I'd like to add
    It's like ebay for fursuits (and other stuff, but I go for the fursuits).
    In fact, right now there's a clockwork creature suit up for bid.
  19. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    You're right, I'll add that. Thanks.
  20. Tylenn

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  21. Artslave

    Artslave Member

    Do we have to maintain an off-FA website for our names to be put on the artist list? Obviously I'd like to throw my name in the hat, if possible. I don't maintain an off-site website at the moment, as most of my traffic is through FA anyways. If I do, no big deal.
  22. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard


    And yes. For now, the mods are looking to redo the Suits and Suiters to incude most, if not all, makers for people to look through.
  23. Deo

    Deo The hatred of FAF personified

    Why is this thread basically a redux of my old thread? I mean I like the idea of a list of fursuit builders, but there's already an earlier more thorough thread on materials, fursuit construction, and tutorials.

    Also, HI ARTSLAVE. <3
  24. Artslave

    Artslave Member

    Good to know!

  25. Clockwise

    Clockwise Tick-tock

    My bad, I got notes to include that stuff :/. Should have double checked the other threads again. I have no problem going get this one closed.

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