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  1. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    There have been lots of suggestions about what we should (and shouldn't) do with FA, what we should add, what features we could improve. If you have a suggestion for FA, let's hear it! Mockups are greatly appreciated as well.

    Please do not post bugs, or items that appear to be bugs, in this thread! These go here.

    (Thank you, in advance, for all reports :))


    Our first priority is cleaning up bugs and other issues with FA, but once we finish there, we can take a better look at what needs improvement.

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  2. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Official Suggestion Thread

    Personally, I want to see an "enhanced" profile page allowing the user to upload a custom picture, accompanied with more information about them, akin to how DeviantArt handles their profile information.
  3. Nobod3

    Nobod3 New Member

    I'd still like to see a combination of the site and the forum, one account to rule them all!
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  4. Tabuu-Lion

    Tabuu-Lion Member

    It's kind of a weird idea to put recent favs in my opinion, when it seems like more than half the population of FA are Fav-Rapists and that category will likely fill out so fast with redundancies it'll prove useless for anything other than overexposing overexposed art.

    It would do just as well if not better to have a Random Submissions category or recents for different media or genres. I saw in a layout someone did that they had a space for recent story submissions. If there was something like that for that, flash, and music on the frontpage, it might do well to encourage people to submit those different types of media more often since they'll be less likely to get lost in the sauce.

    Or if it wouldn't be too taxing on the code and if it's possible, try something where the user can select the frontpage content they want to see (Sort of like a MyFurAffinity type thing, like Yahoo/Charter/AOL/other ISP homepages).
  5. Suule

    Suule Member

    Artist Status: Offline/Logged in

    Good for exchanging notes. On later date - same implementation for IMs.
  6. Ursus_Amplus

    Ursus_Amplus Member

    An optional box that users can display current work/comission status in
  7. JSF

    JSF New Member

    Create an artists' search page, like the one at Y!Hosting?
  8. Pico

    Pico Member

    - Submission types in the pulldown menu (ie no "non adult fetish" junk or whatever) should be rewritten.
    - Get rid of recent favorites on the main page.
    - Make user avatars be 60x60 or so, 100x100 just seems too big.
    - I assume "Ask fender" will be the FAQ?...perhaps make it clearer, when content is added, that this is a FAQ and not another pointless add on like "FA code." If Ask Fender isn't for the FAQ, then what's the point?
    - Page color and banner customization would be great. This doesn't mean "have a CSS box and allow the user to toss in whatever the hell he wants"; I mean something like http://artaholics.net/ has.
    - I would like to see a list of all users, or at least a list of all people who have uploaded something.
    - I really don't like the font used for the "Fur Affinity" logo, nor the catch phrase. It's just weak, especially because we are not free to post /anything/ we want.
    - The option to change your avatar should be separate from the upload page so it's more clear where we go to change it. I know people had issues with this since FA first came out in January, why hasn't it been changed yet?
    - In the Upload area, under "Music" you have said "NOTE: Do not upload copywritten music." But we're not allowed to upload ANY copyrighted material (without permission), so this is just redundant. Maybe change it to "Reminder: you are not allowed to upload copyrighted material, including music." would be better. btw, there is no such word as copywritten.

    I'll post more as I remember them.
  9. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    In regards to this, I've been putting together a beta control panel that I want to show to Jheryn to help make the entire system easier and more user friendly. The user would [Settings] and be taken to a revamped panel with three subdirectories [Account Information] (Default) [FA Settings] and [User Avatar]. I think this would be more efficient and self explainatory.

    [Account Information]
    Name, Age, Password, E-mail, View Adult Material

    [FA Settings]
    All other non-account critical information that would affect the user page, shouts, etc.

    [User Avatar]
    Self Explainatory

    This way, each page's vital information is contained on an easier to digest, easier to understand breakdown which both allows higher clarity of information as well as future expandability. That, and it's got the benefit of loading faster due to smaller chunks of data transferred per page.
  10. furry

    furry Member

    [echo]Remove the Recent Favorites. Serves no useful purpose.[/echo]
  11. CanisLupisVulpe

    CanisLupisVulpe New Member

    I'd love it if you add in more options in the block art section. I'm getting sick of seeing all that Sonic porn crap.
  12. Tabuu-Lion

    Tabuu-Lion Member

    Unless it was something that would exclude works that contained certain keywords (like character names, or the word Sonic) or anything, it'd be pretty hard to link most sonic style works together to exclude them all. It's not like everyone's going to label them as "sonic porn". I think it might be too broad of a thing to approach any other way.
  13. Pico

    Pico Member

    I agree, but I still think being able to block art via keyword or username would be a good feature.

    Edit: I just noticed that all of the content rating images say "advisory warning," even the image for general pictures. I'm basically referring to this:


    Edit 2: lol -> [TehSean] Be careful. This isn't porn.
  14. Tabuu-Lion

    Tabuu-Lion Member

    LOL yeah, that really got me too. Might throw a lot of people off since DA uses the black and white mature warning label for its stuff. Seeing it initally on something clean might put a shock through some people.
  15. Midnite

    Midnite Member

    Comment replying...


    I was thinking that perhaps you could utilize an easier commenting system. Maybe when you check messages, instead of having to click and open comments one by one, then locate them when the new window or tab opens, why not have the comment written right there, without having to click a link.

    Then one can simply reply to the comments one by one as you scroll down the messages.

    Just something i saw somewhere else that made commenting much more easier than ive ever known before.

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  16. CanisLupisVulpe

    CanisLupisVulpe New Member

    Yeah, you got a point there.

    Maybe Fanart(adult) would work just as well.
  17. Merlynn

    Merlynn New Member

    I'd like to see something like Flash Chat back up. Something you can run right in a browser or something. The mIRC room's dead. Easier accessiblity=more people=party+booze=naked party. And who doesn't want a naked party?
  18. Tiarhlu

    Tiarhlu AKA Tack

    As long as it's going to work with us mac folks.

    I'd appreciate the option to block users from commenting AND viewing our gallery. Also it'd be nice to be able to delete comments. Being able to delete all comments from a particular user would be even more useful instead of doing it one at a time. I don't need to worry about my gallery being spammed like on a certain other site that rhymes with Deviant Fart.

    Please take those rating labels off the bottom of the thumbnails. I don't know about others, but I find it a real eye sore. If you HAVE to have that on them, is there a less obtrusive way?

    Can we have an option to change the layout colors? I have very sensative eyes, and that white background you were using was causing the screen to get burned into my vision anytime I looked away, and it was also causing a headache.

    Maybe have a cataqory artists can select for themselves that can aid in searching. Let's say I'm primarily a dragon artist. Well, I could select that for myself, and if someone is trying to find someone that does dragon art, they can choose that from a particular catagory, and then I'd show up.

    Kill the ferret. Just kidding, it's a neat design. :p

    [sarcasm] Let's have a popularity meter. We could have a list of all the artists, ranked in order by the number of comments they get. [/sarcasm]

    No spam! Please don't spam our message center like that other art site does. This was never a problem in the past, but just thought I'd menton it.

    Easy uploads. Yeah that other art site makes you go through at least 20,502 menus before you can even get a pic uploaded. This was never a problem before either, but just mentioning.

    If possible, I think it'd be cool to have a monthly contest.

    Bring back the ability to upload music, but have it work this time. Last time anytime I'd upload an mp3 it just took me to a blank page.

    That's all for now.
  19. starlite528

    starlite528 Member

    I am sure a flash client is available that allows for connection to an irc server. As an alternative to flash, I use PJIrc on my website, a free java client.

    Here is a link for a free and open source flash client:

    Here is the link for PJIrc:
  20. Tabuu-Lion

    Tabuu-Lion Member

    LOL plans for recent favorites -_-
  21. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    I'll discuss the ratings system with Jheryn. I'm sure we can use the color coding scheme and be fine, but I've got to talk it over.

    The white background? That's gone. The new layout on the beta is going to be the primary color scheme.

    That sounds like a good enough idea. :)

    Just remember, ferrets love to socialize. Where there's one ferret there are sure to more. Screw with the ferret, and you'll have to deal with his weasely posse. =P

    Sorry, I never spam, but only use other similar, just as dastardly techniques.

    Already in the works. :)

    Have you tried uploading an mp3 recently? :)
  22. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    Flash chat would be just as dead right now. The reason that the chat is dead is because FA is still "dead". Once FA is back up and running the chat will be up and running.

    Also, keep in mind that FA's IRC channel is located on FurNet, and is done so for several reasons. 1) Variety of channels. 2) Security 3) Established network. The flash chat would not be allowed to be used with them. The chat link will be updated with a more descriptive text page will greatly ease the process of joining the chat.

    IRC will be contained within the FAQ to help guide people along who need assistance. Flashchat is incredibly laggy, slow and unreliable. I'd rather subject people to reliability and security. That's important to me.
  23. Vlcice

    Vlcice New Member

    I've mentioned this elsewhere, but since it's not really a bug and there's a suggestions thread, I thought I'd mention it here, too. Please shrink the main page layout! My window is 832 pixels wide (I don't maximize because I have other windows to keep track of, and I would also be shunned by fellow Mac users everywhere), and the main page extends past the right a bit. It might make more sense to have the news posts underneath the recent submissions if they can't be fit in comfortably otherwise.
  24. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    Toss me a screenshot so I can a look?
  25. Vlcice

    Vlcice New Member

    Here's a screenshot.

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