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  1. Peachii_Bear

    Peachii_Bear New Member

    Is there a way to block specific content?

    I know that there is a mature content filter, but there are some art pieces that are listed as "general art," but it's still stuff that I don't like seeing.
    (ex: Baby Fur, Inflation, Vore, or suggestive works that don't actually show genitals, but I still wouldn't want my parents to see while I'm browsing FA)

    I just in general don't really like seeing that stuff, and I'm sure a feature to block specific tags/categories would make the viewing experience for younger audiences safer as well...
  2. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Not currently, but in a future revision of the site or the new rewrite, yes it is likely to be there.
  3. Peachii_Bear

    Peachii_Bear New Member

    Thank you! <3
  4. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    A few weeks late to the party, but is this any better? (Still need to fix a couple of buttons and a weird bug with nested quotes), but its 99% there. In fact I'm using it right now.
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  5. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    Well aren't you just a peach! Leave it to the community to succeed where the staff fail! Someone give this guy a job!

    But uh, how do I apply it?
  6. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    I figured it would be a beneficial addition to the forum.
    As for how to apply it, you can download it at the link below, but as it's not 100% complete yet, using it may produce somewhat interesting results.
    I am working on making it available as a "theme" for Xenforo software too, so FA can simply just install it and it would run.

    https://userstyles.org/styles/133219/furaffinity-forums-dark-theme (Requires the Stylish Extension for Chrome/Firefox)

    If you see any bugs when using it, that I haven't noted on the download page, then private message me them here and I'll get them sorted out.
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  7. MasterBrony

    MasterBrony New Member

    Recent some images have been posted that have made me sick to my stomach. I have unfollowed the person, but the fact that art is allowed is an issue.

    But then instead of complaining about it, I wanted to see who I needed to talk to to get a tag blocker added to the site. Like the one on InkBunny, it allows people like me who hate gore, violence, murder and stuff that if seen by people who have morals even on fictional characters and hate seeing horrible stuff like that sexualized, it allows us to block those tags.

    It will keep people from seeing such things and keep people happy with watching certain artist. If IB can implement a tag blocker why can't one be used here?

    If there is someone I need to talk to to get this idea into effect it would be great, and would help get rid of this sick feeling in my stomach.
  8. Lycan_jedi

    Lycan_jedi New Member

    I'd love to see a copy/paste option for submitting stories or poems. It would make it easier for people who work from their Video game systems/mobile devices that don't have access to a computer. Most of my stuff is Copy/paste from my deviantart to another site, and I think this could be a good function.
  9. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Perhaps in the case of .txt files, yes this could be a very good addition to the site.
  10. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse New Member

    Without all the moralizing, I'd like to say that I very much agree with the idea, if not the sentiment. Why is blocking not a standard function of the tagging system, as it is on other sites? There is a lot of NSFW on the site, and everyone has their turn offs as well as their turn ons. And, as MasterBrony put it...their things that make them sick. We can find the tags we want to find. Why can't we avoid the tags we don't want to find?
  11. Artslave

    Artslave Member

    A feature I would find personally helpful, as an artist who takes commissions, and who teh sites poor databanks might find alleviating(As someone with 20+ pages of notes I can't delete..), a search function for notes? It would be so much easier for me to find a client who sends me 40+ notes(Intersparsed with ten other people noting me at once), and decides not to commission me at the time, or at all- for me to just search their username and delete everything. As it stands, its much easier for someone with a bulk load of notes to ignore it, than to take care of it. And I've sat down and re-read pages and pages of old notes to delete them, but it would be so much easier with a search function <3
  12. Shadowmoo

    Shadowmoo New Member

    I believe better functionality in the SFW system is necessary for this site. I take the moral stance of flagging my mature content as mature but that also means it flags it as NSFW. If I want to link someone without an account my works they then can't see it without creating an account. There are those that purposely flag very NSFW/porn content as general just to get around that issue or create multiple accounts just for visibility. This detracts from the site and the furry community and makes outsiders think this site is all about sex.

    I have to make a moral choice of more visibility vs being honest about the nature of my content with the current iteration of the site and I really only get penalized for choosing the moral stance currently.

    I believe it should function like picardo or steam in that if you don't have an account it asks if you are over 18/willing to see mature content even if you don't have an account. Or at the very least explain in the error message why the content was blocked like deviantart. People I try to link to my works think from the error message that I or the site purposely blocked them from my content and are not told how to unblock the content.

    Fixing this error message might get a new account made vs someone writing the site off.
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  13. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    FAF should have an over-colourful theme and language system that forces you to speak in furry slang like Phoenixed, that would be great. XD
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  14. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    Doing this violates our AUP and will result in administrative action against the user if reported. Just file a ticket when you see this happening.
  15. quentinwolf

    quentinwolf Member

    I sent in a Feature Request via the Bug Report system (as it has/had an option for "Feature Request" there) back in 2015.... ( Trouble Ticket for Admins to look up if required: #103906 )

    I updated the ticket once more in 2016, and as such, nothing has been done on it.

    So here I am in the forums, suggesting what should be a STANDARD feature, and not something that should even have any second thought to it.

    At the bottom of each user's gallery, there's the Back/Next buttons to navigate the gallery. One thing that's missing (that would be INCREDIBLY easy to implement) is a Page Count.

    For the users that have thousands of entries, it would be nice to know what page I'm on, and how many more there are when looking through their whole gallery, rather than trying to guess how many more there are, or doing the math before hand.

    For simplicity, I'll define the variables, and provide a mockup of how it would work:

    $total_gal_items = Total submissions in the Gallery
    $images_per_page = User's settings on how many images show up per page (Mine's set to 48)
    $total_pages = ceil($total_gal_items / $images_per_page) (ceil function rounds up regardless if its not a whole item. So if someone has 293 items / 48 per page = 6.10. You can't have just over 6 pages, so round this up to 7 pages total.

    Mockup Image:

    This would be incredibly useful, not to mention MANY other art websites do this, so why was this overlooked? It would be great to know how many total pages there are, rather than *you are here end of story*

    Just my suggestion.

    Tldr: Add total page count on gallery pages between the Navigation Buttons as seen above.
  16. Yoshimaster96

    Yoshimaster96 Active Member

    A nice feature would be folders for Favorites.

    Another nice feature would be some sort of points system, like on DA, where you could pay people with points, as well as convert those points to money and vice versa, though that's probably a ways off...

    Third, add paging to the gallery browse and search. Maybe put a parameter in the URL if you need to. That way, it's easier to go through many pages of images without having to manually click "next" over and over again.
  17. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    While I don't know about the search page params, you can append a number on the browse URL and be taken to that page.
    The limit for that is 999, so Browsing Artwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net is the furthest back you can do.
  18. Yoshimaster96

    Yoshimaster96 Active Member

    I mean with changing the categories, like the Category, Type, Species, and Gender. I will admit you can do that with the default settings.
  19. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    My apologies, you mentioned Paging, which would normally mean page numbers.

    I don't know about setting params on the browse page, but search does support url params for setting certain settings.

    I don't know of any url params for changing the rating selections, but that should be enough to get you what you want.

    Example URL: Search -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    That URL would search for the term "dog" in only the photo's category and would start at the 6th page of results, listing the newest first, while covering up to 1000 pages of submissions from the entire site history.
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  20. ChromaticRabbit

    ChromaticRabbit lagomorphic

    Yes, this, for new watched submissions I'd like to be able to enter a mode where I can view each in turn, click [advance to next] or [remove from new submissions and advance to next].

    The way things work now, I:

    • 1 click on the submission
      2 view it
      3 click back on my browser
      4 check the box under the submission
      5 click the [remove] button
      6 watch the page reload
      7 click the next new submission...
      n repeat!

    That seems to me an absurd number of clicks for what's accomplished, and the more artists one follows here, the less scalable the existing legacy UI seems! Add in handful of daily "I'm streaming right now" posts and a few "YCH" posts for good measure and it goes beyond manageable, fast.
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  21. deadlypeachart

    deadlypeachart New Member

    Please make a 'featured' section on the homepage & browse! It's nice to be able to see things that are well loved, instead of a stream of art that goes by incredibly fast... the only way to see some of your favorite artists is by checking a lot of submissions......
  22. Protoshy

    Protoshy Self-proclaimed Gamer

    You could also watch your favourite artists. Which feature already implemented. I don't usually use the browse feature, mostly just search, but if I'm not mistaken you should be able to order posts based on popularity.
  23. deadlypeachart

    deadlypeachart New Member

    lol i know that.
    ill check for the popularity thing tho

    im basically trying to say that a featured section would look nice and allow art to get more spotlight time.
  24. Yoshimaster96

    Yoshimaster96 Active Member

    Repurposing existing ratings. As it stands, the separation of mature/adult is slightly redundant, because there is a very blurry line between the two. It would be best to repurpose them to violence/gore and sexual/nudity, respectfully.

    It would also be nice to add a "PG13" like rating, which is not age-restricted, but you would still need an account to view the submission. This could help prevent milder fetish material (soft vore, toony inflation, etc.) from popping up on Google Images and the like.
  25. remieres

    remieres New Member

    Notifications for on going comics/stories via email

    So many times people in the world of FurAffinity, will miss so many pages in their favorite artist/author's ongoing series. Say you read page 12, and you know that the story isn't finished but the artist/author leaves it open or promises a next chapter/page. My FA doesn't notify me of every work that's been submitted by those I'm following, so it would be nice to have a function in FA that emails you or other ways when your favorite artist/author has continued their story.

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