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  1. dawn.hunter

    dawn.hunter New Member

    I apologize if this has been posted, I didn't find it on the search.

    I would personally like a 'nuke submissions' button at the bottom of the page as well as the top. I regularly go thru and look at the thumbnails, deciding which ones I want to open fully. It'd be nice to nuke them all without having to go through the extra step of 'invert selection > remove checked'.

    Thanks for consideration.
  2. Inumi

    Inumi New Member

    Why not making being able to manage multiple accounts using only one main account, like how Facebook page management works using the user's account (it will be user's main page for FA) to manage multiple pages? Cause many users have multiple pages for different reasons (seperate artist/received arts account, multiple fursonas account, fursuit/arts account, ect.)? In my case, I attempt to have 5 sonas and I'd like to seperate these sonas by account (my adopts will still on the same). For example, I don't want to use the same account for Inumi, my main character, and Firestorm (Firestorm_da_lynx), a partial suit I bought, cause I don't want porn of Firestorm and want to make his page clear. But having to always log out and switch between accounts isn't that fun and that usefull. It'll be easier to manage these multiple accounts using one main. And that would also be nice to add a other accounts section if the multiple account management using only a main one account is accepted, instead of using space and BB code that I would use to, for example, using my and my bf icon bb code to show our relationship and being able to make a more beautiful page. Thank you for listening this suggestion ^^
  3. Slasher333

    Slasher333 New Member

    It's likely that this may have already been suggested, but it would be so much more convenient if the gallery had more than just a simple "next page", "previous page" button setup, especially for the categories that have a large number of pages. I also believe that members should be able to blacklist keywords so that pictures that contain said keywords are filtered out.
  4. Killajax

    Killajax New Member

    Can you guys add Elephants to the species list? Baffles me that there's quite a few oddly specific species on the list yet a common thing such as elephants were ignored.
  5. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    A dark theme would be nice, but I won't hold my breath.
  6. RailRide

    RailRide The Real Wheels of Steel

    [My FA] [Account Management] [Contacts / Social Media] Websites:

    Add slots for Tigerdile, Picarto, and perhaps Twitch

    Rationale: Livestream and Ustream are already there.

  7. phrisk

    phrisk New Member

    implementing a chatbox on the main forum page alongside a recent post/thread list would be great. (Unfamiliar with this forum. leave me alone if this is already a thing)
  8. Ai~

    Ai~ ゲイ

    The minimum character limit for usernames should be lowered to two, both for the main site and the forums. I see no drawbacks to this.
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  9. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    You could consider rebuilding the FA platform instead of just patching it. Now that the source code is out in circulation it puts the user base at to higher of a risk.

    Alternatively, you could make it open source. Give those in the community the opportunity to make FA better.
  10. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    A site rewrite is in the works. Patching is a "meantime" measure.
  11. PrismaKitty

    PrismaKitty Draws with Claws

    I would LOVE if the website got a makeover. When I first joined a couple months back, I couldn't help but notice how outdated the website looked and felt. The site desperately needs a new look. Something appealing, but also intuitive.
  12. supersonicbros23

    supersonicbros23 Appearance: unoriginal; Personality: out to lunch

    Not sure if anyone has suggested this before but you know on Fur Affinity when submitting art, the dropdown box where you specify a species? Hows about adding "Fox" to the standardized list and making its a standalone of the "canid other" category. After all, foxes are a staple of the furry genre; their almost an icon.

    But for old geezers like me who like simple and non-flashy layouts maybe have an option in the settings to keep the old one. That's important. I hate when perfectly visually and functionally suitable sites think they need to redesign everything just to be "with the times" but I can drone on and on about that, but I won't. :p
    (YouTube, DeviantArt, etc, I'm looking at you.)
  13. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    Ok, then I agree with Rinku about a tag system for things we do not want to see.
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  14. RinkuTheRuffian

    RinkuTheRuffian Punished "Venom" Rinku

    What makes art "good" is all relative to the person observing it. What FA needs is e621's (or e926 if you're a prude) tagging system so I can blacklist inflation and babyfur shit, along with all art under the MS Paint tag.
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  15. supersonicbros23

    supersonicbros23 Appearance: unoriginal; Personality: out to lunch

    I gotta disagree, too, taste is subjective. Plus FA is about sharing furry art, not who has the better art.
  16. Maximor_Bloodpanda

    Maximor_Bloodpanda The True Anti-Conformist

    A blacklist for the main site. Please.

    As for the forum site, one thing that would be nice is the option to block absolutely all bots. This forum site can identify bots and mentions the number of them, so it shouldn't be much of a problem to add that feature. I despise bots.
  17. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    While I don't doubt that, assuming the rewrite is still the Phoenix one, and not some newer development, would it be possible for the developers to post one or two tease screenshots of the design/development to gain it a little promotion and following.

    I'm sure the 80% (or thereabouts) progress that was mentioned on the Fender journals is accurate, but ever since the code was removed from github, no further progress has been publicly logged.
  18. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    It took 10 years to implement folders, I'm not about to hold my breath that the new site will be up anytime soon.
  19. cutie.cyaria

    cutie.cyaria New Member

    I'm not sure how many people feel this way, but I still want to make the request for it. I personally like the banner ads on the site. I've actually added a lot of artists to my watch list because of the ads. So, I would like to request a page or link to a page on the site where anyone can look through all of the ads.
  20. FeraGrelleZanil

    FeraGrelleZanil New Member

    My only question is: When will FurAffinity finally get an app? And if there is one already that I have no knowledge of, then where? If we do not have one, my suggestion is that. It's would make things much simpler.

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