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    Due to application policies set by Apple, Google and Microsoft, it makes it very hard to develop an app for such a site as FurAffinity, however there appears to be a workaround in Apples policies, where it may possible to develop an app for FurAffinity, but this will involve several compromises.
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    when is fa gonna update their block feature. its terrible that i can block someone and they still can watch me. pls make it so blocked people cant even view your page! or even see your art when browsing!
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    we have a block feature?
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    While they may be a relatively small percentage of all furry related art, I humbly ask that a category for discussing physical crafts be added to the forums, since there are already distinct categories for text and audio art discussions separate from visual arts.
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    Just a thought, i know the rp area is the least of anyones major concerns, but you might see more use out of it if there was a sub board for rp requests. That way, the whole area isnt cluttered in "I WANT A POKEMON RP!" "NSFW PARTNER WANTED!" And the other such annoying gimme rp threads.

    This could also show just how many are actually engaging in rp.
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    The @@s make this thread look less official and more scammy.
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    I believe its in reference to the @@@ in the title of the thread.
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    Ah, that actually makes sense. It does seem like a 'HEY LOOK AT ME' tactic.
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    Apologies in advance, I don't feel like this suggestion will be taken seriously enough if I don't talk about my personal experience with the site's current blocking system.

    I see this has been suggested already, though I really think it should be talked about again, but I'd like to suggest making changes to how people are blocked on the site. I've been dealing with an issue with stalking and harassment by a specific user (who despite being blocked, can still view my profile and its content) and their friends. This isn't a plea for action to be done against them, or an excuse to get my story out there, but simply a request that blocking features be revised so this doesn't happen in the first place. For the last year, I've gone out of my way to ignore it, but now that I'm actively fighting against my stalker, nothing is being done. I can't block them from seeing my content, and because of that, they've made it a point to use their art to harass me, making a 'parody' of my character (a disgusting and insulting one meant to personally attack me). They also talk non stop about me on their page, constantly dishing insults here and there, even making direct comments to me despite me doing absolutely nothing to spur them on or otherwise give them the idea that I have even been looking at their content. On my end, I've only made 1 journal 'calling them out' (providing proof they conned me of 200 dollars for a commission that was never completed) for their behavior (INDIRECTLY, a link was provided to screencapped proof, usernames were not mentioned), and lo and behold, both journals were removed and I was issued 2 warnings, due to a second journal containing my angry response to FA's action against me, despite me barely breaking a rule. I find it ironic that in a case of actual harassment, nothing is done, but a journal where I indirectly 'call them out' gets removed and I get issued warnings for it.
    My trouble ticket against them and their harassment and stalking sat unanswered, and unresolved for over 3 weeks. I had to close it and open a new one because they decided to continue, and add to the list of bullshit that was already going on after I made a journal warning that if they continued, I would have to get the cops involved. Still waiting for action to be done.

    My point is, despite my story lacking a LOT of other information, all of this stalking and harassment would have been avoided entirely if that person was no longer able to view my content or page after they had been blocked. This user used the information and submissions on my page to track my movements across multiple websites, and in turn took my character and altered it to look different so they can get away with a simple 'parody' despite it being obviously harmful and directed towards me. Although on another site, this person has been sending me messages monthly telling me to kill myself, and various other things that pretty much go against any site policy. They have also had their friends whom of which were not blocked, comment on my page and my submissions.

    Basically, update the blocking system so users can no longer view (blocked) user's content. IP address blocking should be added if multiple offences are made to further contact, harass, or stalk the user who has been blocked/does the blocking.

    It's really bad I've had to deal with this for so long; but I don't blame FA. I would like to see further improvements so that this type of stuff becomes preventable. Not sure if this goes against any rules. This is my first post.
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    Without attempting to fan the flame here, "calling out in public" in a journal has been for quite some time a "don't do it, as you may be given an infraction/ban etc") (Please See FA's Code Of Conduct, section 1.6)

    Granted, FA's blocking system could be updated to make the page appear as if it wasn't registered (example: this page) to those who are blocked.
    As for IP banning, this is used when evidence is found that a user has been banned once before and attempted/continued to evade the ban by creating a 2nd/3rd/nth account to circumvent the ban. This could possibly be extended into the blocking tool, but it can have undesired consequences if not implemented properly.

    With regards to your Trouble ticket, you could have attached further comments to the original ticket and it would have shown up more in the admin panel, as I believe (but am not yet certain of), the staff can filter through the tickets by TicketID and by date/last-modified, (if they can't its a simple addition to make).

    TT's do have a habit of taking a long time to be answered, as the methodology of who deals with what, while it has been attempted to be made better, still requires some work to get a fully functional and efficient system.

    As for your accounts on other sites, I hope you realise that FA cannot interfere with content posted outside of the *.furaffinity.net domain, but I would seriously recommend you to contact the staff/administrators etc of the other site and provide full proof of your claims.

    Finally, for your final comment, I cannot see this post breaking any rules, as you have not explicitly named anyone above, so you should be ok with the content you have posted
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    Thank you, that does help a lot.
    I do know that FurAffinity can't do anything about activity off-site, but I feel like this user not being able to see my profile content at all would help prevent them from following me onto other sites by the info I provide my watchers with. It's wicked frustrating having to tiptoe around my own account to make sure that the stalker doesn't use my information against me. Same with other sites.
    On a side note, the journal I posted actually didn't have any usernames or content that would give away the identity of the user in it. The person whom I blocked (the stalker) and their friends are actually the ones who reported it, and later in comments on a journal they posted they made claims saying I even went as far as to use their real name, which I didn't mention at all in the journal let alone their username. Though I did provide a link to screenshots of the issue in question, and it did in fact showed their username. Not sure if that counts, since that information was only provided off-site.
    Actually, I just checked, and the screencaps only show their username, and they actually use my birth name in the comments provided; not the other way around. Funny how far people will go to turn it around on you to get you in trouble, lmao.
    I do want to say that FA is not the only website that needs to fix their blocking system, though. Both Tumblr and DeviantArt still allow blocked users to view content of those who blocked them. It makes you wonder why the blocking feature even exists, considering how easy it is for stalkers and harassers to obtain personal information, even when blocked or banned from the site. Basically anyone can see your profile and personal info. That's a huge problem, especially when the blocking system that's meant to help prevent it does little to nothing to stop it from progressing.
    Thank you for your reply though, it really did help me with understanding the process of Trouble Tickets, and why I wasn't getting a response. I did make a comment on the first ticket I submitted a week after posting it, but it didn't help much. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the second one.
  13. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Not a problem.

    I'm not too sure about the information that was provided off-site. Though for now I probably wouldn't discuss it any further in an open forum and wait until a staff member returns your messages in the TT system.

    Oh I know the blocking system is flawed, but hopefully a request can be made for alterations to it, you can block guest access to your account, but I'm unsure if you're willing to do that.

    With regards to the TT system, typically tickets are submitted and viewed en-masse by members of staff, who then divide them into sub-categories of who does what, so for example anything code related will likely be referred toward Yak and Dragoneer, Harrassment or AUP violations to Asia-Neko and so on.

    While it is a good system to divide the pile, unfortunately FA have far too little staff actively sorting the TT's hence they build up and take a while to sort through.
    Realistically I would advise not using anything to do with your real details on FA until the matter is resolved. But I can definitely see a strong case for alterations to the blocking tool.
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    So when do you plan on implementing that dark theme you said you would for the forum? Even with f.lux my eyes are burning out of their fucking socket!
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    I recently posted a journal actually discussing how I feel journals need an update. Some of my watchers suggested I pitch this to the site admins, so I searched for a way to do so! (Another thing I think needs improvement: Maybe a button under the "Support" tab that says "Feedback" leading to this section of the forums?) Hopefully this is where I'm supposed to be when posting this!

    Chopping up my journal, since I'm sure no one cares to read the whole thing, here are my 3 fundamental problems with the current way journals are implemented on the site:
    1. Journals are pushed down to the bottom of the list of notifications. Potentially important or critical news is laid out LASTLY when it comes to your news feed.
    2. Journals have no way of standing out. I have 4,885 journals in my notifications list right now (Why don't I clear them out? I don't know. But I know I'm not the only one who accidentally keeps a ton of stuff like that). None of them really catch my attention unless it's titled "IM DYING" or something. A commission opening journal looks exactly the same as a journal sharing a random youtube video.
    3. Journals have no statistics. It'd be nice to know how many viewers I got on one of my journals. Why? Because then I can better understand how many people are seeing my news updates. It's not uncommon for me to get asked some question regarding trades, requests, commissions, etc, that I already covered in a journal I posted. However, in posting the journal I'm just assuming everyone who watches me will receive and read it. But this goes back to problem #2.
    Now, I'm aware not everyone will agree with these. I've already had someone say that #1 and #2 aren't entirely relevant to them. I get that! I'm just addressing these things from MY point of view! You're free to agree and disagree at your own will.
    Now, my suggested solutions (NOTE: I'm not saying these are flawless, or the be-all-end-all of the problems, these are just what I'm suggesting!) would be these:
    1. Move Journal notifications to the top/almost the top of your news feed. Maybe just under the watchers. This way the user needs to scroll past the journals in order to view any new comments (or journal comments -- why do journal comments come before journals themselves??) or favorites. They can glance over any new journal titles on their way down the list; maybe something will catch their eye?
    2. Add tagging or some form of identification to journals (done by the poster, of course). Similar to how they have that "high" "medium" and "low" priority options for notes. It'll highlight (and allow one to filter) journals. E.g. have one for "Commissions", so anything involving commissions will be highlighted as a bright blue. Or have a red one for "Streams" (I know they have an automatic system for this, but it's so discreet I didn't know it existed for a long time), etc. That way when you scroll down your news feed (Preferably with the journals at the top), you can quickly glance through based on colors to see like "Oh! KingCrazy posted a journal about commissions! Let me check that out!".
    3. Add PRIVATE Journal view counts. Just make it a number under the Create/Update journal menu, right under the "Posted:" time stamp. Don't make it public, so people aren't getting jealous or using it as a weapon against people as easily (They'll find ways to anyway, posting screenshots or whatever to create drama, but at least people can't just go up and say "HAHAHA YOUR COMMISSION JOURNAL ONLY HAS 10 VIEWS? LOSER" or anything like that).

    Of all of these, I'd really like to fight for the solution to #3. If only because anyone who sells commissions through this site should have the tools to be able to determine if their audience is just not responding to their commission notices (e.g. maybe prices are too high, or people are too intimidated to buy -- shown by high viewer count but low responses), or if their watchers are simply not seeing the notices at all (low view count).

    Thankya for reading!
  16. Peachii_Bear

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    Is there a way to block specific content?

    I know that there is a mature content filter, but there are some art pieces that are listed as "general art," but it's still stuff that I don't like seeing.
    (ex: Baby Fur, Inflation, Vore, or suggestive works that don't actually show genitals, but I still wouldn't want my parents to see while I'm browsing FA)

    I just in general don't really like seeing that stuff, and I'm sure a feature to block specific tags/categories would make the viewing experience for younger audiences safer as well...
  17. jayhusky

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    Not currently, but in a future revision of the site or the new rewrite, yes it is likely to be there.
  18. Peachii_Bear

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    Thank you! <3
  19. jayhusky

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    A few weeks late to the party, but is this any better? (Still need to fix a couple of buttons and a weird bug with nested quotes), but its 99% there. In fact I'm using it right now.
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    Well aren't you just a peach! Leave it to the community to succeed where the staff fail! Someone give this guy a job!

    But uh, how do I apply it?

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