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  1. Protoshy

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    You could also watch your favourite artists. Which feature already implemented. I don't usually use the browse feature, mostly just search, but if I'm not mistaken you should be able to order posts based on popularity.
  2. deadlypeachart

    deadlypeachart New Member

    lol i know that.
    ill check for the popularity thing tho

    im basically trying to say that a featured section would look nice and allow art to get more spotlight time.
  3. Yoshimaster96

    Yoshimaster96 Active Member

    Repurposing existing ratings. As it stands, the separation of mature/adult is slightly redundant, because there is a very blurry line between the two. It would be best to repurpose them to violence/gore and sexual/nudity, respectfully.

    It would also be nice to add a "PG13" like rating, which is not age-restricted, but you would still need an account to view the submission. This could help prevent milder fetish material (soft vore, toony inflation, etc.) from popping up on Google Images and the like.

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