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Discussion in 'Conventions and Meets' started by Mixfur, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Mixfur

    Mixfur Member

    Right so are there any furmeets/groups/cons in the Cleveland area? Everything I could find is in Cincinnati and Dayton which is too far to go on a regular basis. Also are there any young furs (like age 14?) in the northeast ohio region? I can't seem to find any around here and I wanna go to cons in a group. Thanks
  2. RatCoffee

    RatCoffee Full-bodied dark roast rodent

  3. Mixfur

    Mixfur Member

    They both seem pretty inactive D: oh well thanks though!
  4. Phoenix-Kat

    Phoenix-Kat Guest

    I'm in Ohio too, but most people here either don't know what a "furry" is or think it's some sort of sexual thing.
  5. Mixfur

    Mixfur Member

    Yeah it's hard to say hey I'm a furry without a ton of stupid looks xD
  6. henry_flowers

    henry_flowers New Member

    AC seems like it's the closest big con (Pittsburgh) but I'm probably going to MWFF in chi later this year too :>
  7. KrimzenFougar

    KrimzenFougar Purple Eyed Vixen

    We have Morphicon in Columbus! And although they aren't furry cons, I've met some furs at ColossalCon (Sandusky), and I've heard that they show up at Ohayocon (Columbus) as well!

    I'm personally in Cuyahoga Falls with my mate, but I don't know any younger folks, most of us are in our 20's and up.
  8. Vahni

    Vahni New Member

    I think there's a Fur con called Furlaxation here in Columbus...
  9. KyraCat

    KyraCat Kyra

    Yeah. I reside in the Kent, Ohio area. I know a bunch of other furries here, but not on the younger side.
  10. Anarcho-Loser

    Anarcho-Loser YIFF BLOC

    I believe Furlaxation ended in 2014, due in no small part to the revelation in 2012 and again in 2013 that the chairman of the con, Lightpaws was a convicted sex offender with offences against minors.

    Morphicon is another furry con that happens in CBus. Sadly, I havent been there. Might try though, sometime.

    Most Furries in Ohio seem to be in the CBus area. Personally, I'm in Cleveland.
  11. LazerMaster5

    LazerMaster5 Lost in the Static

    Something tells me there are few furries in the Cleveland area. If anything, Cleveland has a larger heavy metal community. Anthrocon in Pittsburgh is the closest as conventions get, and that is a two hour drive.
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  12. obletop

    obletop New Member

    Furry here in the Youngstown area.
  13. Strangeguy32000

    Strangeguy32000 Dack Remus Applewold

    Shoutout from C-bus (well, Westerville)
  14. ALilShark

    ALilShark Member

  15. Kurrundo the light fox

    Kurrundo the light fox Ascended Kitsune

    Cincinnati furry standing at the ready. Kind of wish there was a meetup here or even a con.
  16. Cyco-Dude

    Cyco-Dude Active Member

    lol what are you talking about, there's a convention coming to cincy this october! fur reality
  17. Kurrundo the light fox

    Kurrundo the light fox Ascended Kitsune

    That's awesome! I'm sorry I'm very new to the community so I'm just trying to learn things as I go. But thank you for telling me.
  18. Cyco-Dude

    Cyco-Dude Active Member

    you can still pre-register. also, there are monthly meet-ups in cincy; details here: ohio furs

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