On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art

Discussion in 'Art Sales and Auctions' started by TheKyleIsHere, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Thank you for this information. I don't feel so bad about my prices now although they still may not be high enough. I'm doing $30 for a fully outlined and colored piece that consists of 5 different drawings of a character on one page. It's like an illustrated character reference sheet.

    I thought I should charge based on the mediums I use and as far as detail. I never thought to go by time. Does it have to price by hour?
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    I can only speak for myself, but I have a feeling my sentiment would be echoed with a few others. From a customer standpoint I have never and more than likely would never commission someone who charged by the hour. This doesn't mean I'm a cheap customer, I've paid 160.00 for a few waist up picture/portraits before. The artist was AMAZING and her talent for making "close to a real life" drawings of people was insane. So I recognized that my dollar was going to good use. She generally took anywhere from 3 weeks to a month to finish the projects. But always told me it would never take more than a month. Her prices were flat, not /hour. If it was an 8 hour project that roughly translates to 20.00/hour.

    This is because I'm not physically there to watch them and make sure that the price I'm being charged for is being 1.Actually put to use and 2. The person isn't taking breaks or intentionally drawing extra slow to draw out the process. Trust only extends so far when it's your money that's being spent. I suppose the only way that would work for me is if the artist set a time for us to meet so I could give the specs for the project, then immediately have the art done right then and there, with the expectations of it being done 8 hours after or 5 or however long they quoted. I would also expect the quality to be just as spot on as the art I've seen them draw before. None of this I'll get you the art in a few days, take some breaks etc...cause then I'm gonna know your not really working on the art at the time you quoted me on.

    A good point of raising the prices however was posted early in the thread. That while you might lose 1/2 your customers, the increase in price will make up for that 1/2 and you will be doing less work in the same amount of time. That said, there would also be those like me who just stop getting commissions all together (if all artist went by /hour that is.) and so the pool of potential customers would shrink thus pitting the artist against one another on who gets what work is left. The truth is there is no easy fix, if you want more money for your art then by all means raise your prices, but others recognize that some artist are going to get the shaft with this (particularly starter/still in training artist). Just my thoughts.
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  3. This video has helped me immensely. I've now got prices that I think are fair, and folks have reacted very positively to my price adjustments which makes me feel even better.
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    7 years later, minimum wage is still the same number, and furthermore, when I mention charging a reasonable price for my artwork, people get this look and suggest that I lower it significantly, to the point where I would be making far below minimum wage. Of course, I'm not going to do that. I've tried that. It sucked. This is still a good post and I'm glad to know there is a forum of people out there that values artwork as much as I do.
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    It's only recently that I started being confident enough to charge for art (last couple years) and even more recently that I realized that what I was getting for the time and work I put in wasn't enough. I recently reprised and I'm still not sure if it's at a rate I'm entirely happy with... But im giving it a go.
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    In my opinion, the primary problem with the post is that it's placing the whole "time vs money" thing as a main point of concern, while arguably the main variable here is "quality". Some people may spend 3 to 5 hours on a worthwhile artwork to sell, while professionals can draw incredibly cool stuff in 15-20 minutes or so. Unless you're both comfortable and skillful enough with your own work, according your price by "time vs money" really isn't a very good idea, and unless you're an actual professional or at least on the same skill level, it's hard to expect anything above minimum wage, since competition is very dense - it's much better to look at market and general and price your works accordingly, no matter how long they can take to complete, and consider it sort of a secondary income, like with many other "hobbies with benefits" that people indulge in and make money of.
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    Right now, deflation is only increasing, and we are to blame :/
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    This post isn't saying to charge by the hour it is just making a comment that people should consider their average time spent working on a particular type of artwork and then work out what the cost should be based on a hourly rate for that average time.

    BTW, thank you for this helpful guide, and while I probably won't be doing commissions for a while (not good enough for it IMO) it is good to know how to price the artwork properly when I do decide to start taking money and making artwork for other people.
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    Oi!!! I collect MTG, and I will let you know that if the time came, I would be more than willing to sell the whole collection and move on (except maybe the couple cards that actually hold value to me, but compared to the rest of the crap in my collection legit only for the purpose of making a deck work it's literally nothing). To call what some are addicted to, but most are just entertained by and could cut at any point, a flat-out, uber general "addiction" is just wrong... to about the same degree as how the media handles the furry fandom.
  10. I am, as a story commissioner very interested in these types of threads but I saw nothing in any of the pages I read about us writers and what we should ask for price wise. I started out as a rookie charging 25 US dollars 7 months ago for a thousand words. About a month ago my roommate who is more experienced of a writer than I am told me to drop it to 20 dollars per thousand words. In neither price range did I get much business and am seeking more clientelle. Any advice for people like me who are starving writers as artists?
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    I just kinda price mine towards quality - I'm not particularly amazing, so I figure £15 is a reasonable amount. I don't need the money to pay rent/bills, so I don't have to worry about not earning enough...

    That bding said, I woukd appreciate your opinions on whether I charge too much/little: Userpage of Meyou -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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