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Discussion in 'Art Exchange and Trades' started by Shadify, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Shadify

    Shadify Yiffox

    Hey y'all!
    Userpage of shadify -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - here's my gallery. You can see most of my artworks and skills here.
    I can do both SFW and NSFW .

    If you're willing to be my trade or collab partner - please let me know here or in pm. (here or in FA pm)

    Leave a link to your gallery!

    The greatest your skills - the more chances for us to work together :3
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  3. Zeny

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  5. Lionhart

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  6. Shadify

    Shadify Yiffox

    Hi guys/gurlz ^U^

    I'm watching this thread and you, and don't ya worry - I'm really proud of you as artists, but..
    Ideally, what I'm looking for, is mostly artists with good furries anatomy, shading practice, ability to draw scenes, backgrounds, etc, etc.

    As for our situation and examples: I'm kinda interested in some of you. But if full rendered picture is too hard for you, and you prefer some simple character illustrations/portraits, welp.. we can do a lil' art-trade with basic coloured charas, if you want....

    Yet still, I prefer to give you more time for practice and lvl ups so then we could create smth great. ^^
  7. SilveyDesigns

    SilveyDesigns Member

    Don't ya
    Well of we could only be as good as you are. Good thing your proud of us all, we were all worried... You know if your going to sit here will people be nice to you and simply want to draw something and meet other people, and your going to sit there and tell them they need to *level up* to do stuff with you, then you aren't going to make any friends. No one is perfect and everyone is at a different level and that's okay, there may be people who surpass you at one point and they may not want to trade with someone so patronizing. You have some room to grow too, in all of the area you specified. You are not perfection and not above every person who has asked you. The best artists out there are skilled yes, but they are also community players not elitists
  8. Shadify

    Shadify Yiffox

    Welp... I must admit: you've got me just totally wrong. ":/

    I'm not saying that I'm the perfect one, or smth like that, I know that I have some room to grow up, as you said. But. Artists make this trade-threads for their artistic purposes. Not just to befriend with someone. As you may know, every (at least full rendered) art requires a lot of time, skills, intelligence/brain work and patience. In my case, I want to draw something good for someone who'll draw something as good as my artwork for him\her. And to be sure that we'll take what we want from each other with my partner, I must be sure, that he\she has some nice skills and experience. Again, I'm absolutely NOT saying that "I'm the most perfect artist in dza woruludu!11 Obey or I'll ban you!1!!!1" - NO. I'm searching for a good artist, that is open for some trades, and has some nice skill and ability to understand/draw all the shadow\lighting\perspective\etc stuff, that's all. o_O' Maybe that's not a basic lvl, yes, but... Does it means that there are no skilled artist on this forum walking by? Of course not. I'm not an elitist, I'm just interested in some skilled artists, that are also interested to become better with every artwork. That's all.
    So don't get mad on me, please.. .^.'

    And of course, I'll repeat:
    This is not an excuse, or smth like that. I'm really proud of those artists, that really love this hobby/job, and that are seek of smth more; of those, who feel and know that they will be better, those, who're not afraid to lose to themselves and learn smth new from the others. And of course, I'm highly proud of those, who don't use any bases, or don't trace, etc. And all the artist in this thread have experience, as I see, and you all gonna create even better stuff in the future, we all know this.

    Although, thanks to this two last messages of our debates, I.. I have a feeling, that I'll have to close it and search somewhere else, maybe even personally... so yeah.. thank you, SilveyDesigns. -.-'

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