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    I want to get more examples of finished heads under my belt, so I figured I would advertise in the forum to see if anyone is interested. I am offering up the chance to get a custom made toony style head partial built on a foam base. Partial would consist of Head, hand paws, and tail. This commission slot is only $400 ( shipping extra).

    Head can have:
    Static or moving jaw
    Following or Static eyes
    Toony style teeth, tongue and nose
    Up to 3 colours and simple markings

    Examples of pervious toony style heads:
    Foam base dragon->
    Foam base Husky ->
    Foam Base Rodent ->

    Hand paws would be made in up to 2 colors, with clay claws and fleece paw pads. They can be either elbow or wrist length.

    Examples of previous hand paws:
    Red and black->
    Pink and Green ->
    Blue and White ->

    Tail would be made in up to 2 colors, size dependent on the species.

    Tail examples:

    Your partial would have an estimated completion time of 2 months for everything. Head, hands, and tail would all ship out an once in the same box to cut down on shipping costs. I will ship worldwide, but please note with me being located in Canada, shipping to Europe can be costly. Payment for the partial is to be done by Paypal only. It is the safest option for both parties in this transaction :)

    If you have an questions or wish to talk further, feel free to email me at sewingstuffs[@]
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