Opinions on bronies??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Paprika, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    Dare I say this, but I think the concept of being a brony is weird in a not so good way, at the least. I might be a bit biased since I'm not one, and I don't like the show. What do you guys think about bronies?
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  2. JumboWumbo

    JumboWumbo Banned in two states.

    They still exist?
  3. De1fox

    De1fox New Member

    My best friend is a Brony while I'm not. Having an opinion on bronies as a whole is the same as stereotyping. You cant know every brony because everyone is different. Some are nice, some are just assholes. Now as far as being a brony it's kindve like being a furry, in the sense that it's a similar group. I understand it and can see how one would be a brony especially after watching the newer mlp series (binge watched it with him and his ex). Its something to get absorbed into. I've also heard bronies play it off as a feminist thing while others don't. If they find a sense of pride in it great for them, if not, then why be one in the first place? Now I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon or go out and crucify bronies, but I get it. However if you asked me "Would I be a brony?" No. Not for me. I'll stick to being the Fox that I am.
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  4. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    Stereotypes kind of ruin people's opinions on the furry fandom too.
  5. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    I think the only people who watch mlp at this point are men, with a very small percent of kids. But yeah, as long as bronies exist, MLP will exist i guess
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  6. Storok

    Storok 670 blp

    Bronies... Why... You could better go to the gym and don't be fat instead of being fat and watching a TV series for 6 y.o. Girls
  7. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    I'm not a brony.
    I don't like the show and I don't see why people like it, but you know, whatever. In the end I really don't mind bronies.
  8. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    I bet they say the same about furries, more or less...

    I think they should be more distinctive about their culture. Bronies are not furries, unless they specifically identify as one, they just overlap into the furry culture due to association by nature...
  9. Wolveon

    Wolveon I swear I will not kill anyone

    So, by your own logic, you can't really have an opinion on any kind of group?
  10. Lemanic

    Lemanic Member

    I like how Bronies manage to streamline every aspect of Furries into a well-oiled fandom in its own right.
    Apart from Furries, we do address the drama that happens and deal with them the politically correct way. I love that aspect. That's why our political factions are more pronounced than in the Furry fandom.
  11. nerdbat

    nerdbat Green butt of reason

    It was a funny fad for a while, but I'm glad the world moved on
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  12. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Definitely opening a can of worms here. Don't mind me sitting here with popcorn watching the fireworks
  13. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    I don't mind the MLP franchise, but lately the fandom is becoming even more cancerous and cringy than the Furry fandom, and we're talking about already stiff competition.

    I like the franchise, just not the fandom that much. Same how it goes with a lot a lot of franchises, really.
  14. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    I always thought it's been cringier than the furry fandom. I think it's because of how only like some furry things are really cringy in a logical way, but the concept of bronies and the basis of what it's built on is extremely cringy.
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  15. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny boop the snoot

    I didn't really know Bronies existed until a few years ago. I thought it was awkward, as MLP is a children's show, with the intended audience to be... children. But then again, I liked Lisa Frank stuff well into my late teens, and she's targeted more at ages 6-13 sooooo yeah.

    Don't really have a strong opinion now - you like what you like, just like we furries like what we like (PG-13 or Rated R), and if it doesn't harm anyone else, it shouldn't really matter what your interests are.
  16. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    Most of the brownies I have met have been pretty cool people, despite me finding the idea behind it to be pretty creepy. I've met many more cancerous furries than bronies, that's for sure.
  17. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny boop the snoot

    mmmm.... brownies....
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  18. Matohusky

    Matohusky Guest

    Damn you beat me too that one x3
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  19. aloveablebunny

    aloveablebunny boop the snoot

    Because I'm always hungry xD
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  20. Shameful_Cole

    Shameful_Cole Shameful Idiot

    indeed, both the brownies and bronies I mentioned are pretty cool.
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