Opinions on bronies??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Paprika, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Dark Raven

    Dark Raven Guest

    I dont see the point of their fandom but i dont really mind them either

    I suppose Im more on a neutral opinion really
  2. AustinB

    AustinB Active Member

    I don't understand why people like anthropomorphic animals. Its like really odd to me.

    See? They can say the same exact thing. Both fandoms have their ups and downs. It's funny how people are criticizing bronies for being cringy, but then they pretend to be anthropomorphic animals. Both fandoms are cringy. Every fandom has their good side and bad side. It's a known fact.
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  3. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    But not as cringy as Otherkin.

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  4. Mobius

    Mobius Mech pilot.

    Geez. It's like they forget the fact that it's all pretend.
  5. AustinB

    AustinB Active Member

    At least most furries actually recognize they're humans and treat being a furry as a hobby. Otherkin are just... they're like special snowflake wolfaboos.
  6. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

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  7. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    I honestly agree with that
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  8. Paprika

    Paprika Member

    Lol, that reminds me of boomer the dog
  9. NocturneFox!

    NocturneFox! FOX OVER 9000!!!!!

    Almost all the things youre gonna find in youtube are bronies cringe compilations by normies with a spongebob meme as avatar after that i think they are normal preps
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  10. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    I thought this said brownies. I need better eyes, or glasses.

    But bronies are fine, and seem to vary quite a bit. Each year here in Baltimore, we have Bronycon, and attendance is about 10,000. I kinda wanted to go just for the people watching, but didn't wanna spend the $70. Also, I wonder if the whole thing is on the decline...haven't heard nearly as much about the show these days, and haven't watched it in a few years. But I did used to enjoy it, not rabidly, but it had funny, nice moments.
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  11. JumboWumbo

    JumboWumbo Banned in two states.

    Really, I'm just curious as to how this cartoon managed to get the fanbase it did. I mean, I like SpongeBob (the older seasons anyways) but you would never catch me going to Sponge Con with my Sponge Bros. I have never heard of an individual show getting its own convention, but how the hell did My Little Pony of all things manage it? Is it some sort of "counterculture" thing? Saying "Yeah, I'm a grown-ass man watching My Little Pony. Take that, society!"
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  12. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    But that's one of the most awesome cons out there!
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  13. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    The fact that MLP has existed in some form since the 80s is probably a large portion of it. You're seeing adults who grew up with the original show rediscover it. Many (though not all) of whom have been increasingly disappointed with each new generation of MLP-branded cartoons and toys until FiM came out. Which was itself created by someone who had fond memories of the original "Generation 1" MLP content from her childhood.
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  14. lyar

    lyar Its not the human race, its just the human race

    It is true that bronies can pose the same question, but how is that at all relevant to anything? And yes fandoms have their ups and downs, however I think you fail to mention the difference between furries and bronies. My Little Pony and bronies originated from one series (or toy line) while (non-brony) furries have so many possible forms of media that caused them to begin to enjoy anthro creatures. Understand that you are comparing something specific to something very broad.

    Now this would be an actual answer for my question:
  15. JumboWumbo

    JumboWumbo Banned in two states.

    That doesn't really explain the big 20-something male demographic, though. I don't recall it ever being popular with boys prior to the new show. The fanbase you're describing sounds like it would consist more of women in their forties.
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  16. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    MLP: FiM is a good show. Bronies seems to have as dumb and cringe-worthy tendencies as Furries.
  17. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    I'm 32 and grew up with MLP G1. My brother is 31, and he had a number of pony toys of his own and enjoyed the show as well; when FiM launched we'd both have been 20-somethings. My brother may not have gotten into FiM, but he also grew up to be a bit of a jackass, so good riddance. :p

    Add to that, that especially among the slightly older crowd, exposure to cartoons tends to be by word of mouth, and it doesn't strain credibility at all that the people who've spent 20 years being nostalgic for the original cartoon and toy lines would've had some of their excitement rub off on slightly younger friends, and this resulting in the show filtering down somewhat in age. (Also keep in mind that while MLP started as a franchise in the 80s, it didn't solely exist then, though aside from My Little Pony Tales having two fairly prominent male characters it's mostly been getting more and more girly over time until FiM pushed back against that trend.)
  18. pidge

    pidge Member

    Can someone explain to me why adults like MLP? I get why some adults watch cartoons, I watch them myself. Lots of adults like shows like adventure time, steven universe, avatar, and teen titans to name a few because despite being intended for children, those shows can be quit mature and its obvious that the creators wanted it that way so it could appeal to people of all ages.

    I've watched MLP myself and I can't figure out how someone my age would get any enjoyment out of it. Everything is just so simple, the moral of many stories is typically about being nice to others or some shit like that. I KNOW THESE THINGS. I don't need a cartoon to tell me basic stuff like this. Most shows that are popular among adults are popular because they go past cookie cutter morals, they're able to challenge us, and they're more relatable. But MLP does none of this, so why do adults like it?
  19. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    - Good animation quality
    - Original story
    - Very good voice acting
    - Relatable characters
    - Good character development
    - Good soundtracks and music
    - Humor that suits people of all ages and genders
    - Teaching life lessons, the importance of family and friends, etc

    I could go on, but those are the ones that I personally find the most important.
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  20. lyar

    lyar Its not the human race, its just the human race

    I guess I and possibly other people can not get past the girly or childlike aesthetic that the show has because if it truely has all those things (some of which I am skeptical of) then I suppose its good if you can get past the looks.
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