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  1. Rant

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    So, I'm not sure if this should go here but fursuits are artwork and I am looking to buy in the future. I can't seem to find any artist who fits the bill, some only do fullsuits now, others wont do wings or dragons. The others seem to be dead in the water or severely overbooked. *sighs*

    Payment wise I can do monthly payments up to half, when I receive an update WITH PICTURES, I will make another payment and so on until it's done or I pay the full agreeded upon amount. I'm very wary of artists now since being screwed over so we either do it this way which is safe for us both or not at all.

    What I am looking for!
    Think Beetalcat or Magpiebones
    High quality
    Multimedia (fur, felt etc.)
    Possibly Complex design (depending on the makers skill lvl it could be easy.)

    Design of the Partial
    Since this is a Partial, style wise something like a Shaman or LARP mask for the head. My Dragon Natchy has a bone mask (no reason, it was just cool lol) so the boney part would be the face mask, and her feathery creast and cape would go over the head, and end just past the neck.

    Now heres what may be the hard part. I want a Wings shawl or cape like this
    But in natchys colors and patterns. The artist who makes these doesn't do custom ones and only makes a handful each year. For $400. So! This may require its own unique pattern to sew. All I know is its felt and hand painted.
    I'll soon have a good refsheet to use and I maybe open to designing a full costume for Natch in a fantasy desert tribal style.
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    Hmm... Try going full-on fursuit, I feel that partials don't work, the human hands are too distracting. Don't ask how, it's just lack of logic.
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  3. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    I thought about it, but if I go full suit I want articulated wings. Im not going without them. But seriously who's going to make me a realistic bird dragon suit? No one, their going to want to change much of it especially the wings.

  4. HallowQueen

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    Hey sugar! I'm a suit maker, but my training is in creature creation special effects, i would like to talk to you about the ways to get a project like this done.
    if interested, please contact me through my site! freakshowcollective
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