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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Zahur, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Zahur

    Zahur The eastern rift dragon

    Good day FA-forum, today I wanted to talk with you about a topic:
    FA profiles that are used just to spam their patreon.
    Before I start the discussion, I have to say that I don't have anything against patreon when used in the correct way(to support an artist you like) and not as a pay-wall.
    It is quite frustrating when you watch good artists but the only usage of the site for them is just a sort of AD-spam folder.
    I mean, you prohibited journals/submission reminders(About raffles/YCH or whatnot) because they caused spam(While, IMO, they just created some affluence to artists that deserve it, giving them a way to grow) and yet you allow this cheesy spam system?
    I would like to hear your opinion about that, thanks for your time and have a nice day.
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  2. maxgoof

    maxgoof Member

    I do recall a certain very talented singer on FA who would tout his latest CD just about every day. Got so bad I eventually had to stop watching him.
  3. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    I would pretty much classify it as intentional spam, though considering all the YCH reminders just got legal on FA, it's not very likely that staff is going to do anything with this kind of crap anytime soon. There aren't as many of those accounts, and artists who use such methods of self-advertisement aren't usually very popular anyway, so it doesn't bother me that much.

    The problem with reminders is that they have too much potential for abuse. For example, many artists used reminders to advertise adult artwork to users of SFW version of the site, to artificially increase view counter, or to just blatantly spam everything. Due to how the site works, with ticket system and stuff, it was a pain in the butt to report on bad behavior - you can't link the submissions because they were eventually deleted anyway, so you have to screenshot everything and then use some 3rd party image hosting service, because you can't link pics to tickets. As of now, reminders are non-prohibited again, and FA promised to make a separate segment of the site for them, which is a great idea, but several months later, we don't have that segment, and gallery is flooded with reminders again, so I'm just hoping it's in works now, and not the usual "ruining the site by trying to improve it" practice so common for FurAffinity folks
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  4. Nubfox

    Nubfox New Member

    It's getting rediculous.

    30-50% of the submissions in my FA feed are....

    1. Cropped teaser pictures that lead to a paywall on patreon
    2. "Open for commissions" reminders.
    3. Streaming reminders.
    4. YCH adverts.
    5. Adoptable adverts

    Please get these advertisements under control. There's getting to be no point in watching people.
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  5. Zahur

    Zahur The eastern rift dragon

    I could say a few artists that are really followed and to that, and to be honest I don't really get why they get so many views.

    I can understand the last 3 points if they are posted just once, but I agree that spammed reminders are a pain in the...
  6. Zahur

    Zahur The eastern rift dragon

    I would really like admins to take some decisions about that situation...
  7. Uluri

    Uluri Lord of Potatoes

    If the artist you are watching is no longer posting content you like seeing, the simple solution is to unwatch them. What is the point
    of continuing to watch content you have no interest in seeing or participating in? I don't really agree with a paywall only method of
    using patreon, but it is the artists' own right to make their content pay to view if they want. If they lose audience over it, it is their
    own undoing. The same goes for YCH advertisers. Only ads are not content I like, so I unwatch or don't watch artists who do that. Super Easy.

    As for Stream Banners, I'd like to see more people delete their stream banners after they are finished streaming. I enjoy
    visiting all sorts of streams in the day, but I don't enjoy finding a stream that's been over 5 hours ago.
  8. Nubfox

    Nubfox New Member

    It isn't just about watching people. It's about the whole site. On the front page of FA, usually about a fourth of the submissions on the "Recent Artwork" tab are advertisements. How are advertisements recent artwork?

    If people are posting lots of ads instead of art, their page isn't the only place where it shows up. It shows up in "Browse" and "Search" and the front page too.
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  9. fallout19980

    fallout19980 Just some guy writing stories and playing dota

    Good point
  10. I find it really sad when instead of an actual description of why they did the art and the meaning like they used to, some artists just push their patreon. Someone I'm watching does that now. It's not spam, it's just really upsetting from the point of view of someone who actually cares about what the artist has to say.

    I'm glad that people are allowed to post about their YCHs now though.
  11. Zahur

    Zahur The eastern rift dragon

    I think this post deserves a UP and I would really like to hear about the staff's opinion

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