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Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by Tezzy Fur, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Tezzy Fur

    Tezzy Fur Active Member

    so I'm a newbie UK fur, (a fox) and I'd like to buy some paws and a tail. Does anyone know a place to get these things in England? I've only joined this week so I'm a bit new to the scene and anyone who can help will get a foxy cuddle from me :)

    Ps: feel free to say hello, especially any gay furries ;)
  2. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    Gay furry here, can I get a foxy cuddle anyway? x3

    Heres a few UK fursuit makers btw.
    Prices :: Faruku Costumes Made By Mercury
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  3. racoondevil

    racoondevil Minogue be my furname, hello!

    ......I'll say hello anyways..... HOWDY! As far as your paws and tail question, I can't help. I'm attempting to do it personally. But not tonight. Tonight is samich night.

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