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  1. Could someone recommend me good fursuit makers that could make a suit with all of these things? (please?)

    - I have often seen people with tails that are made to stay in one position, but I would like a long, swooshy tail that drags on the ground and moves in all directions

    -My fursona is a marbled polecat, so it has a marbled fur pattern on the back (hence the name), I would really like someone who could make it look like the actual pattern, and not just like the spots on leopards

    -I have seen fursuits with short fur on the body, and longer fur on specified places, but I would prefer long-ish fur everywhere (except the head)

    - I would prefer if it a cartoony or semi-cartoony fursuit and I would like a full suit
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  3. Thank you so much, The fursuits look absolutely wonderful! I was so worried no one was going to reply, since it has been a little while since I started the thread. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Well, I forgot to click reply before posting. I swear I would forget my name if there weren't people around to remind me.
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    It happens. Good luck!
  6. Thanks!
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    I don't really have any suggestions for fursuit makers, but I hope it turns out well. I looked at some images of the marbled polecat, and what an amazingly cute animal.

    Maybe with you to help it along, the marbled pole-cat will become as popular as the red panda! Hope you have fun with this, and reminds me, I need to start a fursuit saving fund, myself.
  8. Why, thank you so much! I really hope it does become more popular, because I think it's an adorable animal. I wish you the best of luck in being able to raise enough money for a fursuit, since they are quite costly, and thank you again for commenting!
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    By Cats 4 Cats could probably do this.
  10. Thank you! (by the way, is that your fursona in your profile picture?)
  11. Keefur

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    Yes. That is my fursuit fursona, Cutter Cat the Sabertooth. My FA is Keefur. :)
  12. Awww it's so cute!!! Lol I wanted to put my fursona as my profile pic, but my art style sucks (also I am very lazy and I procrastinate). Oh well, guess one day it will stop being the female symbol on a gray background.
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