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Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by M. LeRenard, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. M. LeRenard

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  2. Volpino

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    Well, the most obvious problem that see with just one thread for everyone's stories is that it is going to become a MONSTER thread from hell pretty quick. Do you mean to just have the author post there and then people PM in their responses maybe? That might work, so that new people have less to sludge through, although you lose the value of comments made on other stories that might help a different author.

    Of course if you have everyone post comments and requests on the same thread, then you have the problem of no one wanting to read through all the comments anyway.

    Personally, I'd rather have a separate thread for each story, but have the author use the same one throughout. If you put that in a sub-forum, you can even do it for all the works of a single author and non-contributing authors would quickly fall too far down the list. That would leave the original forum to post tutorials on how to use colons and semi-colons (breathe people!).

    So I guess you can say that I only want a partial portion of 1, but I'll take all I can get out of 2 and 3. =P
  3. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Well, number one is based on kind of the same principle as number two, in that we expect people to post their works to the main site instead of here. If they do that, then all comments can go on the page of the work in question, and we won't have to deal with a ton of separate threads for various authors.
    We threw around the idea of a sub-sub-forum, but I don't exactly have the capability of making one myself, so it'd be a question to pose to one of the admins. I'm not sure if it would be worth the hassle, though, since we already have the critique thread and the main site. I also question how many people actually read through the critiques of other works... I don't think it's probably that many.
    So far as size is concerned, I figure once it gets beyond 500 posts, I'll lock it and start a new one (and maybe let the old one fade away and link to it from panzer's thread). But this place moves slowly, so I don't see that becoming an issue for quite some time.
  4. Volpino

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    um, I hate to say it, but I don't get it.

    You upload your story to FA proper, add to the post asking for critiques, and then make a post announcing the story with a link. Is that how it works?

    My brain hurts. I think I've been reading too much newbie stuff.
  5. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Just post the story on FA, then post a response to the critique thread in which you link to the story you want critiqued.
    Read PT's first post in the critique thread for specifics. She puts it very clearly.
  6. Volpino

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    Sorry. I've honestly read it about ten times now. I must be missing something. Where do the critiques go?

    Yes. I'm slow. My only hope is that someone will come along that's even slower.
  7. panzergulo

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    Urgh. Me a writer. Write a nice story. You read. You laugh. Sometimes cry. But it is all good. Me post the story on the main site. That is the place for all the art.

    Me a sad writer. Me have no comments. Me want to improve. Me post a comment on 'The Critique Thread'. Readers will come.

    I'm a critic. I see that caveman's inferior post in 'The Critique Thread' and I'm going to critique the shit out his story, which must be as inferior as his comment. I follow the link to the main site, read the story on the main site, and comment the story on the main site. Capiche?

    Really, how hard this can be? It's not space science, it's just common courtesy to keep things where they belong. The main site is for posting art, viewing and reading art and commenting art. The forums are for discussion, and because MLR is cool like that, he won't delete Poetigress' 'The Critique Thread' but lets it stay... for people to ask critique for single works with single post containing only the foreword and the link to the submission, on the main site.

    Looks great, Mister L. R.. Great rules. I love them.

    Wait a minute... Can you modify other people's comments too, now?
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  8. M. LeRenard

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    You betcha'.

    Hopefully panzer's post clears everything up for you, Volpino.
  9. Volpino

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    Yep. Now I get it. =)
  10. Shouden

    Shouden When in doubt: C4

    congrats to MLR and Mewtwo on the moderator status. And thanks for the updated rules. :p
  11. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    I added a new rule. I wonder if it's not obvious, now that I think about it, but I figured people should know just how I'm going to treat such things, in case there was any confusion.
  12. DJ_KFX

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    I've been around FA for a while, but I'm kind of new to the forums.
    My question mainly concerns the critique thread: It states that I should make at least 2 other critiques/reviews of stories before posting my own link. Do these need to be stories that have been submitted to the critique thread, or just any stories from artists on FA?
    I am very interested in submitting my newest work, but I want to make sure I follow the guidelines. Thanks in advance.
  13. M. LeRenard

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    I guess it doesn't look too clear, but by 'submitted pieces', SSJ3 does mean pieces submitted to that thread. Basically, the intent is to keep a feedback circle going: you critique two works, submit your own, more people critique yours, submit their own, etc. etc.
  14. DJ_KFX

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    Ahh, okay. I did not have time last night to go searching to see if there was a "previous" critique thread, since there were only 3(?) stories in there so far. I will endeavor to do some reading this weekend. :D
  15. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    Due to the new restructuring of the art sections of the forums (thanks again, Arshes Nei), the rules have changed. Hopefully they're less restrictive this time.
  16. Taralack

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    Does it -have- to be a link to the main site? Can I link from Google Docs instead? It's not a furry story, that's why I ask.
  17. M. LeRenard

    M. LeRenard Is not French

    The main point is to just not have people posting entire works onto the forums themselves. So Google Docs or anywhere else is fine.
  18. kitreshawn

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    The way this is written it sounds like that thread is for advertizing individual stories. As that is NOT the case it needs to be reworded:

    3) Promote Authors you like (or Yourself!) using This Thread. Do not start a new thread.

    Also, since there is not a place to advertize individual stories without soliciting critique, perhaps a thread should be started for that as well?
  19. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Sparrow-the-Wolfess Commission Work: Short Story Writer

    "Looking for Writers" is not available.

    Where do we post that we're looking to buy/sell written art? There's only one for drawings. :)
  20. PlusThirtyOne

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    Clearly there's more demand for visual art so we have a section specifically for abundant art requests, etc. For written media, feel free post a thread here. There aren't nearly enough of them to justify a whole new subforum.
  21. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Sparrow-the-Wolfess Commission Work: Short Story Writer

    Couldn't literature still be classified as "art"? I find writing to be a lovely example of art, to be honest.
  22. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Well, i was referring to visual art but yes, lit is an art too.
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  24. Zipline

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    fluff the dogcatcher, I do what i want! >:3
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    The links in the first post don't work.

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